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Monday, October 6, 2014

Milestone Monday

Yes, it has happened. I have got all the appliqued blocks in the center of this 25 block quilt outlined in the cream thread.  You also might know, I've also done some of the grid work in the background as I've gotten bored with the seemingly endless outlining sessions on this piece.

Wow, 25 blocks, that has been a journey. Now I'm on to outlining  the border applique and will continue the cross hatching throughout the body of this piece. I make sure I do some outlining every time I pick up this quilt.  I use it as a warm before I get to the cross hatch stitching.

As I spread this out to snap a few photos, I took a closer look at my progress.  I realized I'm almost finished all the background grid in the center 9 blocks.  Just a bit left on these two blocks.

Once all the cream hand quilting is done, I will bind the quilt. At that time, I will go back and finish the individual block quilting. Many flowers, vases, and leaves need more quilting, but I want to do this in matching threads.

An outside block that is almost finished. 

This just goes to show that you hand quilt a large quilt just like they say, "one stitch at a time"

And I would be remiss if I didn't share a photo of the back.  I love running my hand over the back, the tactile feel of this is amazing.  It's like running a hand over the past, I see my grand parents, their home, my childhood, and yet, we did not have quilts.  It's just the "feel good" feeling I get. 
Just like the feeling I got the other day when I walked down the driveway at my guys place, opened up the mailbox, inserted an envelope with a stamp on it and put the flag up. Yes, they still pick up the mail from your private mailbox in his neighborhood.

My BTCT goal has been bumped by a year, the new goal is June of 2015. I took the first stitches on the quilting Jan. 1, 2013 but took a good 6 month hiatus from this last fall/winter. It's amazing how a guy can take up quilting time. *vbg*  Now I'm trying to stitch on it every day, for a minimum of 30 minutes. That usually extends to 45 - 60 and it's a matter of giving this some priority in my day.

Are you doing any hand work this winter? If so, please share


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Doll Quilt Reveal

As soon as Lori from Humble Quilts emailed the name of my recipient, I knew exactly what pattern I was going to be inspired by. Note I didn't say "make". This is from a Jo Morton Vintage Quilts book and I've loved this pattern from the first time I saw it.  I used the photo as my inspiration, and made choices round by round.  I couldn't decide on a border so I used two different fabrics.

(disregard the funky lines coming out from this photo, I took the photo on a tile floor)
My label does have listed who it was made for.  I just don't want to give it away until she received it in the mail.  Then it will be a surprise!
I hand quilted this with rust thread, my "go to" color for vintage quilts.  I love how it looks.  Instead of stitching in the ditch, I eye balled the center of each round.  Here is the back and you can see the center has an X stitched; for some reason it just wasn't enough so that one seam got SID.
Rounds of stitching, I just love how tactile a hand quilted item becomes.  There is nothing like a hand quilted piece. 

I loved this pattern so much I started to make one for myself. Once I got into the larger rounds and more decisions, I decided to only focus on my swap version. My version is very similar in color, just a few different prints.

Working on a piece that you know is going to another quilter is so different than making something for a non quilter. I think, as a quilter, we appreciate the piece just a tiny bit more!  I hit the deadline, just need to write a short note, and get to the post office.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hello Fall

I think this has been the most amazing summer we have had in forever. There were a few days of rain and that was it.  Endless days of sunshine and blue skies.  I got in a round of golf, the first time I've done this in years, and I have to admit, I really missed it.  I But I'm ready for some rain.  I want to quilt "guilt-free" and I need some rainy days for that.  The yard keeps beckoning me but I'm done, done, done with it!

My summer quilting has been dismal.  I spent some time this past weekend getting the final borders on this appliqued piece that I got done in May/June.  Only 2 months to get the border on, geesh!

 This is my first 4 block applique and it was great to make these big blocks. The top is 72 x 72

I've kept my hands busy with the hand quilting on this piece.  Once the binding has been finished, this will hit the wash to get out the markings, and I will be shipping it out to someone.

BTCT update: N-O-T-H-I-N-G
It will be tops on my list for Sept to December.

Quite some time back I mentioned that I wanted to get an old cross stitch piece finished.  However, these 50 something year old eyes can't see to stitch on 32 ct linen.  I borrowed a magnifying glass, but it wouldn't stay on my frame so I broke down and bought one with a clamp.  OMG, I can see.  My commitment is going to be one night a week on this and in time it will be finished.  It really is beautiful.

So I say, Good Bye summer, you've been great, but I'm really ready for the fall, the turning leaves, a few rainy days, and some crisp cool afternoons.  Bring it on!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

One Bite at a Time

I promised I wouldn't bore you with lines of hand quilting every few days, but would show my progress once a month. Trying to hand quilt everyday hasn't been difficult, hey, it was January. I am outlining all the applique, so a lot of that had to get done before I could start working in the grid lines.  Now I'm at a point where I can bounce back and forth.  Outlining is a PITA job, as the quilt is a tank to constantly shift. (I quilt in my lap).

I managed to stitch 28 out of 31 days. This quilt is just like the saying, "How do you eat an elephant?" "One bite at a time" This quilt will get stitched one stitch at a time, so even if I only have 15 minutes, that's 15 minutes closer to being finished.

Looking at what I accomplished in January has made me rethink my July 2014 deadline. I'm now thinking Dec 2014.

There are 25 blocks plus borders and after one month I can comfortably say 2 blocks are completely finished. I have ignored my machine quilting work in January, there is no gardening, I've been trying to rehab a broken bone in my foot (unsuccessfully) so no walking or yoga.

So you see where I'm going with this? In January I had an extraordinary amount of time to sit on my butt and rock the needle.
I hope I can keep the momentum, but some days there just are not enough quilting hours, I'm sure most of you can relate.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hand Quilting BTCT

I thought I'd share how things are going with my BTCT. If you see me blogging about  "the Tank" please know I'm referring to my Beyond the Cherry Tree quilt.  Good grief, 100 x 100 is a lot of quilt to maneuver around on your lap.

I've figured out a few things.

Two needles are better than one.  I can quilt twice as much and only shift the quilt once.  I also leave a long tail on each thread so I can pick it up and go in the opposite direction and I'll have 1/2 the knots in my top.

I wore down my thumb nail pulling the needle through the quilt. I'd get little grooves in it, so I'd file them out and pretty soon I was filing my skin as my nail was getting so short. Then my nail split.  Pondering how I was going to continue this process for the next 18 months or so, I came up with an idea.  Now I have an acrylic nail on my thumb; I quilted for 2+ hours on Sat night and not a dent or a chip to be seen!  The $3 fix.  Manicures for the next year or so............are you feeling sorry for me? ;-)

I'm outlining all the applique about a 1/16 to an 1/8th of an inch away from the design, usually I stitch so close to the applique that you can't even see the stitches.  Lori and Humble Quilts works like this and I love how it looks. 
That's what I love about blogging, quilters across the world or across the street can all teach us something new.  The marking done by Bellwether Dry Goods is amazing.  If you click on the first picture of this post, you can see that the line just disappears once it's stitched.  When I was basting this, I saw places that still had eraser rubbings on the top, they made corrections that were 1/16th of an inch difference.  They strive for perfection and did an amazing job for me.

So far I have this much done and I've got 6-7 hours into it so far................


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Back!

I arrived home from work on Monday to find this little box tucked up in the corner of my front porch. It was my Beyond the Cherry Tree top, back from the marker.

I asked for 3/4" cross hatching and single lines in the border. 

If you click on the picture below you can see the transition on the borders in the corner.
Here are the details.  It was sent to Bellwether Dry Goods and I was charged $14/hour.  The top is 100 x 100 and it took 9 3/4 hours so $136.50  Since I live on the other side of the country, there was also my shipping charges in and out which totaled $42.82.   I could not have even considered marking this top, let alone have it done in under 10 hours. I'd be 10 days working on something like this and it would have been a mess.  Merry Christmas to myself, money well spent for a craft that I enjoy so much.  It's certainly cheaper than therapy and there's nothing more relaxing that rocking a needle, up and down, up and down.

Jingle Bells,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Next New Crazy

Yes, that is what I call some of my projects.  I get fixated on something and, like a dog with a bone, I don't let go.  I think it borders on addiction?  What do you think?  Do you need your stitch fix on a daily basis?  I admit it, I would need a 12 step program to get quilting out of my life. Or a very hot man!
This is a pre stamped piece from Minnick and Simpson. It came in other colors, but of course I gravitated to the red. I've had it for a few years and it's an on again/off again project and it's great to have a hand quilting project that can be picked up any time.
It's on again. This is the perfect pick up project for doing hand work while I catch up my my TV. I must get all those summer programs watched and deleted as all the new fall shows are starting up this week and I certainly don't have time for that much TV.

I like that I can grab this piece, roll it up and drop it into a tote and I've got a project for "one the go". I need one for this weekend.
Do you have a "take along" project always ready to go?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Changing Directions

I've been spending quality time with this project and the closer I got to having the cross hatching finished in one direction, I've stayed motivated. That's the goal, get the corners finished, set it aside and start the opposite grid this winter. But I couldn't wait, I changed direction to see how the grid will look. Now I can finish the first direction and set it aside.

Bright churn dash, perfect for a baby boy. The baby is due in a few weeks, the quilt will not be done. That's ok, I'm making it as a swap. The great grandpa is going to make me a bird house in exchange for the quilt. We have a deal, our swap must happen by Dec 31, 2012. He's built a row of western styled houses for his yard, they are fabulous. He's building me Annie's Ale House for my back yard.
When we asked the mom what she would like for a quilt, she said color, motorcycles or cars, blue, green, orange. I think this fits the bill.

We had summer, the flowers finally bloomed, and then the rains came. Good grief. I officially have given up on the gardening.

Here is Miss Molly, she looked so cute hanging over the railing, I usually show off Annie the dog, so Molly gets some face time today.
I'm off to my Applique Society meeting this morning, BTCT border #3 is going with me, I've got to revive this, I'm so close to finished.....I will finish it this year.
Congratulations to all who got their acceptance notices for Houston, job well done.

Have a great weekend

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sticking to the Plan

Since I did all the pre cutting for the paper piecing with JT2, I'm going to focus on getting these blocks done and then have a look at where I am at. I know I'm behind on the applique, but I've decided it's all getting done using the fusible method. Here is my next p.p.'ed block.
When I want to watch some tv, this has been keeping my hands busy. I've shown it before, and I'm making good headway.
You can still see some blue washout, I'm working my way out to the corners, then will mark the grid in the opposite direction. All the applique has been outlined.

That's it, I'm spending time at my longarm, making a dent in those customer tops.
Hope your week is going well, thanks for stopping by.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Slow Going

It's been a while since I've posted. No, I didn't revamp my blog. I can't seem to save a copy, and I don't have the patience to redo things at this time. I've been working on two projects that are both slow going. Hand quilting wreaths and outlining all the applique on this one.
All the threads are just my basting stitches, I cut them as I go along.
Stitching down yards of 1/4" bias for the borders of my Beyond the Cherry Tree.
I started stitching the cherries, thinking I had prepped all that I needed.

Not so much. I realized I'm about 60 short so out came the scraps of reds and the paper templates.

These go fast when one is sitting doing this. 

This has been my spot every evening since the weekend. I twisted my knee Friday night, and per Dr.'s orders, I'm resting and icing it. She says 7 - 10 days and I'm really trying hard to be a good patient. I'm itching to get back to machine quilting and yoga. I'm hoping for Monday.

My big project at work has peeked, that happened Tuesday afternoon.  What a relief to submit all my files and reports.  Now to wait and see what is accepted and what needs adjustments.  The biggest part is over though.  What a learning curve for me!

I'm teaching Hand Quilting this Saturday at Fabric Etc in Bellingham. There's room for one or two more, any takers?

Have a great weekend


Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Retirement Plan

I know, retirement is 15 years, 3 months and 11 10 days away for me, (not that I'm counting) but it's not something I ignore.  Health, finances, and activities are the three main objectives for my retirement plan.  I now have the activities lined up thanks to these three new books.
The photos and research in this book is fabulous, I've been reading it before I turn out the lights every night this week. 

Since I have a few years B.R.(before retirement) I can practice all kinds of drawings. I do not consider myself to be creative, but I'm a really good copier. If someone leads, I can follow along. When I started longarm quilting, Pam Clarke opened my eyes to design. It truly is A to B to C to D. Connect the dots and you will have beautiful designs. When broken down like this, most designs are very mathematical and this works for me.

 This last book shows, step by step, how to create paisleys, spirals, hearts etc all using specific calculations.  This makes it easier to get consistant designs.  Freehand with guidelines, now that works for me!

I've been drooling over admiring all the hand quilting that Pippa has shown on her blog Welsh Quilts.  I love the history she provides, to me this makes the pieces even more appealing.  Amish quilts, hand quilting, working with solids, and appliquing with civil war fabrics have all moved to the forefront of my quilting.

Between these three books, I've got great design elements, the history behind many of the quilts and quilters, eye candy to inspire, and the instructions on how to execute these amazing designs.  Plenty to keep my busy through my retirement years!  A spool of thread, a few needles and a thimble and I'll happily stitch the day away.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

'Tis the Season

Well, it's not officially the season, but it's coming fast.  Finally, I have a current Christmas project finished in time to use in the same year!
This was fused and machine appliqued.  I did the blanket stitching after I had layered it so it got quilted at the same time. 
This started out as a 4 block quilt.  I'm glad I didn't get right on it at the time because I think this layout is more useful for me.
It's going in my entrance way, but for now it's hanging over the door to my studio.
It took longer to finish because I decided to hand quilt the background with perl cotton. 

And this baby is on my longarm, the binding is waiting by my sewing machine and I will have this on my bed by Thanksgiving!

What's on your Christmas list?