Monday, June 18, 2018

Canadian Quilters Association 2018

The Canadian Quilters Association put on their 30th Annual National Juried Show in Vancouver, BC May 31-June 2 It was held at Canada Place which is at the waterfront. The cruise ships dock here as well. There were 151 quilts juried into this show, as well as a traveling exhibit from a past Quilt Con and the Vancouver Quilt Guild also had a special exhibit.

I didn't take many photos as the show put out the most amazing catalog with a write up on every quilt. My niece came to the city and we took in this show together.  She had never been to a quilt show but has shown an interest in learning how to quilt.  I've already bought her a machine, and after the show, I pulled together a starter package for her.  It's all solids.  She loved anything that had curved piecing, used solid fabrics and was drawn to the Sashiko & Boro style of work when we wandered the vendor aisles.  I hope you enjoy the few photos I have to share.

This piece was faced, and I was so surprised my niece noticed that immediately.

Some amazing applique in this piece.  What a spectacular pictorial. This piece is 68 x 42 and I only have a partial shot of it.

There were a few of these large paper pieced quilts and the machine quilting was outstanding.

This Jinny Beyer pattern was striking and the machine quilting was outstanding. 

Yes, there were traditional patterns and this one was delightful.  Lots of piecing and it was great to get close up to this piece.

These next few pictures are from the Quilt Con traveling special exhibit.  This one drew me in, and once I looked at the info tag, it all became clear.  It's Tara Faughman work and I am a bit of a stalker on her IG account.  Her work intrigues me.  She uses simple shapes, but her color and value skills are of a very high level.  Simply turning a block here and there adds so much interest to her work.  This piece has been hand quilted with a metallic thread.

Wow, I loved this!

I hope you enjoyed a small sampling of what I shared.  This show was one where I put my camera away and looked with my eyes.  Sometimes I get so consumed with taking so many photos that I don't "see" the actual quilts.  Since the catalog was so amazing, and only $5, I enjoyed the show with my niece.  It was magical to see the talent of quilters draw her in and capture her imagination.

Keep stitching,

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Embroidery Kit Quilt

My customer KB emailed me saying a quilt was on it's way, and it was embroidered roses. I had no idea what that meant and was so surprised to see this beauty come out of the box. I've quilted a Sue Spargo for her recently, so my mind was going towards heavy thread roses, bright colors, maybe some wool. This top was given to her many years ago, and now that retirement has arrived, KB is getting time to clean out her sewing area. I'm pretty sure I don't have something like this hidden away.
Hobbs Wool was used and a slightly off white thread. The goal was to tone down the "pinkness" of the quilt. It has been hand embroidered and I would guess that there were two stitchers. Some blocks have a slightly different thread weight/color.

The single feather wreath set so nicely in these blocks and a background fill of swirls and leaves completed this piece.

An old top gets a new life, I like it! The lesson here is Get Your Tops Quilted.

So go through your pile of tops, and it you truly do not want to send some out, or do them yourself, donate them now. There are so many organizations that would love to turn your unwanted top into a quilt and put it to good use!

Keep stitching,

Saturday, June 2, 2018

APQ June 2018 Issue

The latest issue of American Patchwork and Quilting will be hitting your mailbox and the news stands this week, and I'm thrilled to be a part of this fabulous publication.  This pattern is a riff on an antique quilt and I was so pleased with how it turned out that I submitted it to APQ and was thrilled when they accepted it for publication.

I know that many quilters are not dialed in with 1800's reproduction prints/colors/fabrics but it's usually  my "go to" bins when I get an idea for a new project.  I love that most prints/colors seem to play nicely with each other.  Color is my weakest skill set and by using these types of fabrics, I can be successful in my work.   APQ always tests patterns to ensure good results to the reader and I love how this was reproduced.   Brights, one color for the 1/2 sq triangles around the blocks and straight setting the blocks really changes up the whole look of this pattern. 

The staff at APQ work very hard to produce a first class publication.  I am proud to be part of this and I am so grateful at how good they make my work look.  I had the opportunity to meet Jody, Lindsey, Lisa, and Nancy at Quilt Market 2018 in  Portland, OR  and it was the highlight of my trip.

I will be posting a photo heavy tutorial for making this quilt.  It's FQ friendly, and can be made in a variety of prints for outstanding results.  Think cowboy/western prints, Kaffe/Brandon, 30's repro.  Whatever your flavor, it's a great stash buster.  Start gathering 25 coordinated prints and get ready to create your own unique throw.

Keep stitching,

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Recap of Quilt Market Portland OR

May 24 - 27 brought Quilts Inc to Portland OR for their spring Market.  It is a trade show for all kinds of businesses involved in the quilting industry.  The cross section of booths cover every kind of business, from Moda fabrics to American Patchwork and Quilting (Meredith Publications) to independent pattern designers to brand name fabric designers.

I attended as a longarm quilter and budding pattern designer.  Since Portland was close to home, (driving distance), I wanted to attend and get a peek into 'the other side' of the business.
 First up was this amazing antique quilt that welcomed all the first time attendee's at a coffee meet and greet.
The vendor booths were packed with color and design, but there was a very small exhibit of quilts on display.  This one was delightful, who can pass by a red and white quilt?!

Especially when it was hand quilted.

Designer details.
With all the amazing free form quilts being shown all over social media and at all types of quilt shows, this one was a stunner.  It also was the cover quilt for the Market program.
Details of above quilt.

This piece glowed, it drew you in, and captured my attention for a few minutes.

Details of above quilt

Are you following Maria Shell?  Have you got her book? Her work is pretty amazing.

Details on Maria's piece.
American Patchwork and Quilting staff editors were all working out on the floor so I got a few minutes in their booth when it was quiet.   I have a pattern coming out in an upcoming issue, so stay tuned for those details.
The ladies that I have worked with have been wonderful and they make my work look so good. I'm grateful to have my quilts included with so many other wonderful patterns.  Meeting them all in person was top on my list, so I was pleased to check that off.

As seen in the Paper Pieces booth.
Some fabulous machine quilting on this one!

Color, color and more color.  Here are a few  shots of various booths.  Since I was not there buying/writing orders from fabric companies, I stayed on the outside, but managed a few good photos.
Victoria created this piece below with Cotton Supreme solids by RJR Fabrics
It was quilted by Shelly Pagliai

The next few pictures are from Anna Maria Horner's section.

What a beautiful lady, and a fabulous booth.

Look at that fabric, those big flowers are fantastic. 
Exciting things coming from her in the next year!

Tula was in the house.  I took but a minute of her time and she was as nice as can be!

My friend Tonya from Stash Lab Quilts had her first booth.  It was an array of color and wow, can she create with strips.  Check out her patterns and new book here. 
She has a great post with photos from market as well.

Buttermilk Basin had an amazing booth.  She has so many patterns and samples, it was delightful no matter where you turned around.

I loved Northcott's backdrop!  This sums up what I took away from market. Imagine what you can do, then give it a try.  The only things you will fail at are the ones you don't try.  It's just fabric, and we all know where we can get more.  Try something new each month, it doesn't have to be king size, it can be a mini.  

EE Schenck Co  is a large wholesale warehouse in Portland, OR.  They through a big party for market goers on Saturday night.  It was really great, very busy and long lines.  Thank goodness I preordered, and since I was going to market, and driving, I did a bit of stocking up.  Three rolls of batting, and a box of odds and ends.  Longarm quilting supplies and maybe a bit of fabric for a new quilt or two. 

After walking the aisles of market for a few days, it was time to pack up my car and head home. Portland is a city full bridges, and I couldn't resist this last shot.

I arrived at market with a mental check list and was excited to leave with everything crossed off.  Some were "to do" items, and others were ideas floating around in my brain.  I cleaned out some clutter in my head, and came home recharged and energized.  Now to carve out the time to put some ideas into action. 

What new things are you going to try in June?

Keep stitching,