Friday, March 27, 2015

A Little more Gwen

Day 2 with Gwen was her Small Studies.  Here are a few of her samples.  They are simply amazing, and although they are in her book, it is go great to see them again in person. 

Of course you can click on the photos to get a better look.  Most of these pieces are about 10" x 12" by my guesstimation.  Is that even a word?  Well, it works for me.  Love the triangles, bottom right piece in picture below.

There was a few members from the Vancouver, BC MQG who came for the three days and a few made the trek up from the Seattle area on day one. It's so great to get into a workshop with people that work in ways that I don't. I did not partake in much of the "small" part of this workshop, but many of the students carried on to Monday, which was an open sew day with Gwen. Most continued their small studies and I really saw some amazing work.  Here is one student with Gwen and her work in the background.  Loved the 2 color piece.  Those who worked on their small studies for 2 days really had amazing work on the second day.  I think that is the value in having a workshop that lasts more than one day.

My 'small' studies ended up in my liberated log cabins.  Those little squares are 1/4" finished.  Fun, but fiddly for me.

More work from the other students, simply FABULOUS. 

Love the two pieces on the right. 

The soft colors in this piece were really special.  I could see this piece being blown up into something 60 x 60.  Who knows, maybe Krista will make a series of these small studies.

Here is Krista with her new book.  What a lot of work it was to put this together.  She told us a bit of her journey to publication and it's not for the faint of heart.  Oh, and by the way, Krista won 1st place in her category at QuiltCon.  Click on the link to see her piece, Blackbird Fly.   Congratulations go out to her.  She's having a great year so far!

As for me, I got energized and have moved a lot closer to finished on a piece I started in Gwen's workshop in 2011.  I'm still working away on a few other things, and have a big announcement on Monday morning. 

Have a great weekend, and I hope you get some stitching time!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Peek at Customer Quilts

I've been busy with taking 3 days with Gwen, pure bliss for me!  But in the meantime, I've got a few quilts finished and shipped back to their rightful owners for binding and labels.

I could quilt feathers all day long......

Love all the fabrics in this piece, this quilter has an amazing sense of color and value.  Fabulous quilts to work on from MH.

This was a kit from days gone by, and has been finished by a friend of the appliquer.  She is going to be very excited to see this finished and on her bed.

Keeping it simple on the borders, piano key stitch lines, allows the sashing and appliqued blocks to be the star of the show.

She wanted the applique outlined and a little stitching on the leaves and the lighter pink petals.  Feathers in the border are going in all directions so no matter which way the quilt goes on the bed, it will all be ok.  Quilt is square.

I thought I'd end this post with a photo of great seams in a quilt back. As a longarm quilter, I see all kinds of backs. I hope that you make your seams at least 1/2" and press them open. This distributes the seam allowance and keeps you from having a ridge on the back of your quilt. A little Best Press goes a long ways on a back seam. My PSA for today!

Hope you got to stitch a little over the weekend!  Check back for some exciting news next week.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Day One - Strings - Gwen Marston

Lucky me, and 19 other quilter's who spent a day with Gwen Marston last weekend. Liberated Strings, bringing the past into the present with fabulous samples to study and emulate.

Her work is so recognizable. I love the red, such a great contrast for her string blocks.

A great use of the lighter backgrounds, everything from cream to grey to tan.

I couldn't get this next one to turn, but it still looks fantastic.  I love the shirtings, and the varying amount of strings inset into each block.  A subtle Americana piece (to me).

As usual, Gwen has super samples to hang in the front of the class.  I have her String book and love the antique quilts that she profiles.  A great way to get the creative juices flowing.

Samples of student work, none of it is mine.  I have no idea why I don't have any photos, but I will show them at a later date. Think cheddar and contrasting CW prints.

I loved the background used on the sample below left. 

At first I thought this was mine, but quickly realized I didn't make nearly this many blocks.

Day 2 & 3 to follow......

Note to Gwen - Thanks for taking a few hours to talk with me Sat evening, you have no idea what that meant to me.  Thanks you from the bottom of my heart.

Hope you have found time to stitch this week!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Out of the Box

The days just seem to fly by right now.  My gal pal and I headed out for a few days of sewing,  and I made some great headway on projects that had been hibernating in boxes for the past while.

First thing was to spread out over as many tables as possible, and then get busy.

JT2 was the first project on my list.  I had put it away while the patterns were still being published, so I truly had no idea what mess I had going on.

For some reason I made 2 feathered star blocks and I just happened to need a big block for the top right corner.  Done!  I did prep 4 appliqued blocks and got several other ones finished. They didn't make it into the photo.

After putting all my blocks up on the wall, I decided to tackle the 12 1/2" goose in the pond block that was foundation paper pieced.  2+ hours later (and a lot of cursing), I had it finished.  No, not the top, but that ONE block.  After a few more blocks I moved on to another project.  I spent some time the next day organizing and excluding the appliqued blocks, I have 12 or 13 more blocks to piece and I will have the top together.  After that, I got busy with some secret sewing, so no pictures.  I had all the parts ready to go and got that top completed.

M, on the other hand, got a lot more done than me.  Her JT2 is scrappy reds and whites, and she has many more blocks finished.

While she worked on the JT2, she also started putting together this top.

She still has a few blocks left over to go into another quilt.............

And a few strips pre cut for a few more blocks. I see a few more green quilts in her future!
She also got another top put together, but for reasons unknown to me, I have no pictures.  We truly just sewed all day and into the night.  It was 11:30 the first night when we called it quits.  Non quilter's must think we are crazy, but I'm sure you can all relate!

Hope you got in a few stitches on the weekend!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Guild Presentation - Man Made

Wow, it's Valentines weekend and I just looked at the date of my last post.  Slacker?  Not really, I've just been very busy for the past few weeks.  Plus I'm having issues with my iPhone talking to my Surface.  I see pictures on the phone, but the Surface can't seem to find any after a specific date.

So 45 minutes later, the simple task of finding photos on my phone and moving them over to my pc has been completed and I can share a few things with you.

As usual, click to enlarge the photos.  We had a fabulous guest speaker come to our guild this month, Geoff Hamada of Hamada Farms Quilts  (link to his FB page) in Seattle, WA

His presentation was a combination of slides and samples, and he spoke about men quilter's through the years.  It was SO interesting and some the slides had such amazing quilts.

Geoff does a lot of hand work and his beading and hand quilting is amazing.  His choice of fabrics on these pieces is so far removed from what I would use; I think this is what intrigued me the most about these pieces.

The "other" group of work that Geoff showed was his Hawaiian quilting.  He certainly has mastered those tiny tight curves and his hand quilting is terrific.  I dream about stitches that are that even!

Who doesn't love a red/cream  appliqued piece?  I wanted to sneak this one out of his pile, Oh well, I guess I'll add it to my bucket list of quilts that I want to make.

Oh so traditional, the red/yellow combination.

OK, my pictures aren't that great, but I had to show them. 

If your guild is looking for a guest speaker, I would highly recommend Geoff.  He lives in the Seattle area, is very knowledgeable as he spent several years on the Board of Directors at the La Conner Quilt Museum, and has had his work featured in exhibits across the nation.  His presentation was  well organized, informative and he has a very good sense of humor.  You will not be disappointed. 

Sharon...... who has been quilting up a storm for customers, charity quilts and a secret sewing project!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Free Hand Feathers

Oh  how I love to quilt feathers.  This was the perfect opportunity for me to load up a quilt with feathers. Look at the tiny 1/2 sq triangles in that one block.  They were hand pieced into this top.  All 36 into that one block.  Wow.

MH wanted either feathers or Baptist Fans, and since my BF is done with templates, not a board or a computer, I chose to free hand feathers and do curves in all the smaller triangles on this very large top..

The backing was a beautiful print, but the quilting still showed up nicely.

There is a lucky guy out there getting gifted this amazing quilt. 

I hope he appreciates all the time that has been put into the making of this quilt.  The colors and fabrics are gorgeous, one continuous background and then a variety of blues and greens.  The greens are very random and really make this pop.

If you want hand guided feathers on one of your quilts, please consider me for the quilting.  I am quilting full time and can be contacted via my email.


I hope you get some stitching time in this weekend,

Monday, January 19, 2015

Beautiful Handwork

My fabulous guild members. I am so lucky to be surrounded but such a pool of talent and creativity. I have not gone down the road of wool, embellishments, or embroidery but I love to see the work being done in my area.

CO is in my applique group and I've learned SO much from her, this is her piece below..

It's fun to show off other peoples fabulous pieces

These chicks are SO cute.

Oh so pretty from N

Beautiful work from K, our president

Love looking at the amazing projects others have going on, my hand work is pretty contained.  Applique and hand quilting, with the occasional  big stitch or embroidery thrown in.