Sunday, March 26, 2017

Quilters Anonymous Part 2

Since I love applique, I'm always searching them out at quilt shows. The ones with hand quilting really catch my eye and I'm always happy to see the hand work being shown.

Enjoy Part 2 of this quilt show.

Sorry, I didn't turn this picture.

I liked the layout of this one, the sashing and border really pops the blocks.

Pat Sloan pattern?  I think so.  Bright and cheerful!

The color choices on this were lovely.

This pink/green/white appealed to me.  I love the balance of color and the design really shines with the bit of dark used for star points and little hourglass blocks.
And I loved the very pretty, and clean lines of the quilting.  They didn't fuss it up with a ton of thread, but really accented the patchwork. 

Oh how this one caught my eye, and the eye of many other viewers around me.  The compliments were flying both times I went to look at this piece.  So much color and great placement of flowers and leaves.  Plus the background choices really helped the applique pop. 

I was so surprised to read the card beside this quilt and not recognize the quilter's name.  I was so sure I knew who created this piece, both the fabric choices and quilting felt familiar to me.  Then I ran into Nifty Quilts and she asked if I saw her plaid strip quilt.  Duh....I read the wrong card.  Of course this is her work.  Fabulous baptist fan quilting with black perl cotton.  I purchased this fan template after seeing Nifty show some work on her blog.  I am mentally designing a quilt top that I can use this stencil with.  You can purchase it here.  I'm not affiliated, I just know it's a great online shop and the service and product is terrific.

close up

Stellar secondary designs were added with the machine quilting.  And those circles are actual faced holes with a background layered behind them.  I've seen this technique years ago without a background, and it still mystifies me as to the technical steps to achieve this look.  Fabulous piece.
Simple blocks with great results.  All patchwork does not have to be complicated and time consuming and stressful and laborious to be fabulous.  This is the perfect example.  I don't know who's quilt this is, but I love it!
Another great liberated modern piece.  The color choices are fantastic in this one, and it drew me in for a closer look several times. 
I'm a bit biased on this last piece, as I did the quilting on it, but I truly love it.  Nifty Quilts sent this to me in the new year and I loved working with her on this one. Keep it simple and whimsical and not a lot of quilting on this, she said.  These are left over parts and pieces, the leaves are string pieced, ala Susan McCord, the outer blocks are from Organized Chaos. (remember the piece from my last post?)  Big string pieced baskets.  Both machine and hand applique is used, and borders got their bang from the prints in the fabric.  The striped Kaffe really shines next to the outer border.  This piece is big, it's fantastic, and it is totally a Nifty creation.  One of a kind!
I hope you enjoyed my mini version of a fantastic show.  Now if only they call me and tell me I won their raffle quilt, it will have been a perfect day.  Minus the torrential rains that Tonya A. drove in to get us there.  She's also a great quilter, check out her latest pattern in Quiltmania.

Keep stitching,

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Quilters Anonymous Show Part 1

A photo heavy post with very few words.  This was my first time to the Monroe WA quilt show put on by a very large group, approx 500 members strong, named Quilters Anonymous.  Most, but not all of my photos are patterns you will recognize, and although I checked my camera battery before leaving home, it did fail me.  Enjoy the photos.
A lot of traditional pieces, but I did love a few liberated pieces.  I really like the black background on this piece.

Judy Irish - a great version of this pattern

Mary E. The colors in this Lady of the Lake version are fantastic.

especially the border fabric.  My colors are not good on these photos, but this border picture shows the brightness of the prints in the quilt.  The above photo looks faded.

Great texture and an added element with the multi colored variegated perl cotton.  Hand quilting makes you want to get closer to the piece.

Bright civil war prints ala Gypsy Wife pattern.

Kim McLean pattern?  I think so.  very bright and cheerful.

What's not to love about a red/cream churn dash?!!

The Crabapple Hill pattern is shown with pastel threads on cream/white background.  This quilter here pushed the boundaries with navy batik, metallic threads, and beads/embellishments.  Fabulous piece.

Lovely quilting.

Red and white

Great machine workmanship

Organized Chaos, by Sally L. Fantastic color placement. Machine and hand quilting. The circular hand stitching draws you into this piece, then you want to step back to admire the design, then get back up close. I heard many great compliments from other viewers while I was admiring this piece.

Stop back on the weekend for some more eye candy. And as a tease, next week I just might be posting about my Gwen Marston 3 day workshop I'm going to this weekend.

Keep stitching,

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hats Off to Designers!

As seen at the PNW Quilt and Textile Museum in La Conner, WA

Although the following photos are not 'quilty', they certainly are brimming with design and creativity.
The inspiration and information is listed below each design, and this one was me favorite.  Which one is your favorite?

You can enlarge all photos to see the text


There were several hats in this genre; I thought this one really fun.  It's ears are pierced~

I had a great Sunday with fellow Running with Scissors Guild members.  We took a road trip to the textile museum to see Gwen Marston's latest exhibit.  It was also the last day of my exhibit at the museum.  I also had the pleasure of lunch with a fellow student from a Gwen workshop last year.  Tom and his wife came up for the day and we had such a nice visit over lunch!
Keep Stitching,

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nifty's Bow Ties

Last month I quilted two quilts for Nifty Quilts. She loves to make big quilts, and she must have an amazing stash of fabrics.  Here are some pictures of her Bow Tie quilt.

 The setting fabric is a shot cotton and I used a gold So Fine thread.  Shot cottons are a woven fabric made with two colors of threads, one color on the warp and one on the weft.  The gold thread was the exact match of one of the two threads that make up this fabric.

Wikipedia description (Warp and weft in plain weaving. In weaving, the woof (sometimes weft) is the term for the thread or yarn which is drawn through the warp yarns to create cloth. Warp is the lengthwise or longitudinal thread in a roll, while weft is the transverse thread. A single thread of the weft, crossing the warp, is called a pick.)   I love shot cottons that have two totally different colors, such as purple and orange.  This Shot cotton was gold and grayish brown.

 I stitched a swirling C with curves going into each corner of the block.  Hobbs wool batting really gives a nice finish to the quilting.

Look at the mix of prints and colors, it was such a joy to work on this top.  Although the quilting motif was repetitious, the colors just dance across this quilt top.

 Who doesn't love a polka dot bow tie? And you can see the subtle shimmer of gold in the setting fabric.  Shot cottons really allow the quilting threads to shine.

One last shot, just because................

 It's such a privilege to quilt someone's quilt top, I get to see, up close, the choices others make in the execution of pattern and design. It can push me out of my comfort zone sometimes, and for that, I'm thankful. 

Keep stitching,

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Court House Steps Quiltalong

Are you in?  I couldn't resist joining along with All People Quilt for this 2017 quilt along.  It helps that my quilt is one of the feature patterns.  When I was making that quilt, I never thought of it as a CH Steps block, but that's exactly how it was put together. 

My current piece is more traditional, yet liberated.  I'm making String Steps.  Piecing this block is like eating potato chips.  I just can't stop!

These are 12 1/2" blocks with some 6 1/2" blocks thrown into the mix for a diversion.  It's hard to believe that these fabulous (yes, I'm patting myself on the back as I type this) blocks can be created from this mess.

I wasn't kidding, I just keep making them. I'm working on a commission quilt and in between a stack of 10 blocks for her, I manage to stitch two sides to a stack of CH Steps blocks that sit on my sewing table. Then I take them all to the pressing station, press, move to the cutting table, trim  and repeat the process.

Here is a side view.  I do like the dark strips horizontal.  The small blocks set in between the big ones gives the illusion of hearts in the light section.

Here was the view from my sewing table all week.  Snow days for the kids, so that equated to sew days for me. Roads messy so I just stayed in and worked all week..

I love the snow, even when it's on the roads. I drive slower, stay in when it's bad, but I don't fret over it. It really is winter, and winter is when it snows. I know, it's a pain for many, but I happen to love it!

Especially from the comfort of my sewing room.

So, have I convinced you to join in the APQ quilt along for 2017? They have Facebook Thursday, 11:00 a.m Central time, where they are sharing tips and tricks for making the blocks, there are downloadable line drawing so you can try out different color ways and settings. If you do join in, remember, #apqquiltalong is their tag for FB and IG.

Come on, I know you want to.........

Keep stitching,