Monday, March 12, 2018

String Steps Workshop

If you have baskets and boxes of scraps and strips, this is a perfect workshop for you.

STRING STEPS is made from all those left over pieces, fabric that you paid good money for, but now don't know what to do with.

March 20, 2018  10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Whidby Island, WA  Details at bottom of post.

I couldn't resist taking this picture when the cherry trees were in bloom last year.  This sample has been created using dark/light combos with all the lights being shirting prints.  I mixed the darks with everything from red to purple to cheddar to black.

It would be fantastic in any "low volume" mix along with brights from Kaffe/Brandon.  I can see it done with lots of fushia's, purples, reds.  That's the beauty of these pattern, it will reflect your own basket of scraps.

Your own fabric preferences will shine.  And the best part?  You don't have to cut exact measurements of your strips.  I will show you have to create the block using your strips and strings, and when your block is finished, it will be flat, straight and square.

Quilters on the Rock 
This is the host guild that is offering this fun workshop.  Here are the details:

March 20, 2018  10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

A few spaces are still available.  No credit card available at the class, so cash or check please.  Price for non-member will be $35, checks payable to Quilters on the Rock.

Contact for the class. Linda Postenrieder,
Email   post82 at whidbey dot com   or
Call (415) 235 - 9413

If your scrap bag is full of color and you want to make a high impact piece, bring it on.  I love how this color version is developing.

It's a fun way to create a quilt from your scrap bag, and this quilt will be a reflection of many quilts that you have already made. 

If you are interested in having me teach this at your guild, or have a trunk show, please contact me.  I'm available for events and have openings this year and have started booking 2019.  I'd love to bring my show on the road and am available to work in the USA and CANADA

Keep stitching,

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Perfect Timing

This is my second go round with this bag of fabric.  It's now Great Grandpa's shirts that are going to be used to create a baby quilt.

Yellow was the color of choice for the background color, and I got to use a stack of different shades of yellow.  This commissioned piece had a due date of April 1, but I knew the baby was due mid March.

So I got out my trusty tools, and my Sisters quilt show coffee mug and got busy.

When making this type of quilt, I focus on the blocks and color choices first.  I figure I will figure out how it all will work after I get the majority of the blocks pieced.
I put the finished blocks up on the wall, assess the open spaces

and then start the math.

Once I get this far, I just have to make the last few blocks in the correct sizes/colors to fill in the holes.

Then the next part of the math happens.  The part where I have to figure out how to sew the blocks together to make a rectangle.  Half seams are my best friend and I love the final look when I use the half seams.  No straight seams, no columns or rows.  Makes for a very interesting finished top.

The dark lines are my road map to piecing the top.  I work in sections, and then work the sections together.

Can you spot the filler strips?  Faster than making a third small star block, plus it adds interest.

The small star block is inset by using half seams.

No direct line top to bottom or across the quilt top.

Here is the finished piece.  All the stars are made with Great Grandpa's Hawaiian shirts.

The quilt got finished last week, way ahead of my promised date of April 1.

When I contacted my client, she was so excited to hear that I was finished.  Mom was at the hospital, and had the baby that day!
I'd say that was perfect timing!
Now I have to get busy on the next project.

Keep stitching,

Friday, February 16, 2018

Tula Nova

It seems like this is a timely post, given the news about Free Spirit closing down. Tula and all the other amazing designers will hopefully pop up with other fabric houses, and will continue to give us amazing, unique, and timely designs.

My friend GB  had two hand pieced tops. She loves using Kaffe, Tula, and such.  Look how well these prints play with Grunge dot!

The background was quilted with a swirl based feather, and I added in pebbles (on the larger size).
I wanted to give the background some texture without being too dense.

Ruler work was the primary method used for the Center.  It has been hand pieced and lots of fussy cutting had been done.
Faces always give me jitters.  I don't like to stitch through them.  I just don't.  No idea why I'm like this.  A few lines this way and that solved the problem on this piece.

I really like how the movement of the background design plays on the straight lines of the center.

The fussy cutting was wonderful. GB's piecing is so good, it's always a pleasure to quilt for her.

A stellar selection of prints and colors.

The stripes were fun in this design, and the faces of Elisabeth certainly add to the overall appeal of this pattern.

Gotta love a good back, and I like to show both sides.

It's a fun mix of straight lines, feathers, swirls and circles.  All mixed up to add texture to a wonderful quilt top.
I hope quilters don't hang on to these wonderful fabrics due to the recent news.  Use them up, make fabulous quilts that get gifted and used.  That's what these fabrics were produced for.  Don't let them languish in your bins and drawers.  You bought the fabric because you loved it, so use your top shelf prints and enjoy the end result!

Keep stitching,

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Civil War Eagle Sampler

I had the pleasure of quilting this fantastic Barbara Brackman Civil War Sampler pattern stitched up by SL of Seattle, WA. The workmanship on this top is outstanding, and the applique stitches are so tiny that I could barely see them. In fact, I had to look at the back to see how the stitching was done on the eagle in the center.

The corner blocks are very large, so I brought down the size by stitching straight lines in the corners.  That gave me a reasonable space for wreath motifs.

Here is the back of the same corner.  Oh how the sun gave me some great photos on this day.

Samplers give the opportunity for block by block quilting motifs, and I took advantage of that on this top.

The fabrics and block designs on this top are quite lovely.

another shot of the back.  This floral was so pretty.  A great choice for the back.

Some ruler work, free motion feathers, I got to mix it up on this one!

Here is a full shot of the quilt.  I love the punch of chrome yellow  in the different blocks.  It really bounces off the navy prints.

And the touches of red make this shine.  Such great prints and fabrics were used.

Lots of techniques were also used on this piece. 
I don't know if this pattern is available, you would have to check with Barbara Brackman.  Link at top of this  post.
What I used - Wool batting,  Sew Fine by Superior Thread.  Straight rulers, circle templates  and free hand feathers.  Border was quilted 'piano key' style, using Lisa Calle's Pro Line ruler.

I have a weekend of sewing coming up, I can't wait!  I hope you get to stitch this weekend.


Monday, January 29, 2018

Baby BowTies

This has got to be one of the cutest baby quilts I've seen.  Bow Ties; such a classic pattern! This one has been updated with an extra block added to the sashing. Sorry, I don't have the pattern designer name. This was a customer quilt sent to me from RH on the east coast.

I adore her color choices. These greys just allow the colors to pop and really show off the pattern.

Simple blocks with great fabric = a great quilt.

There are a ton of patterns out on the market. We need to support our designers, (i'm a budding pattern designer) but don't overlook a good solid classic block pattern.  A little twist here and there and you can make your own great designs.

And quilt backs! Oh how I love quilt backs that show up the secondary designs placed on the quilt by the quilter. As a longarm quilter, I believe my job is to make the piecer's work shine. I'm not to overshadow it. But the backs belong to the quilter!

Call me a show off, but I do love a good back!

Keep stitching, and I'll keep quilting!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Gertrude Made Zig Zags

It's been a mixed bag of quilt styles in my studio this month. I've been quilting on a huge Civil War sampler, bright modern bow ties, and a TulaNova hand pieced fussy cut hexi EPP quilt.  Waiting in line is a homespun appliqued sampler, a Kaffe hand pieced Hexi, a Sue Spargo wool piece and several other pieced tops. 

 Here is Nifty's fabulous zigzag/offset flying geese quilt.

After stitching the straight lines, I emailed Nifty and said "I really like this" Then I did a row of feathers and emailed her again, saying "I love this!"

  What a fantastic mix of color/print/texture.  The bark cloth from Gertrude Made really adds a lot to this piece.  I guess I missed a photo of the borders, a fabulous rose printed bark cloth.

Nifty also  pieced her backing and matched up the print so you can't see the join.

What's to not love about this piece, except that I have to return it to her.  Sometimes that's the hardest part of my job!

Keep stitching