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giraffe said...

Hi Sharon, I am wanting to do cross hatching on a king size quilt.I have finally convinced myself that I should at least try. I know it is time consuming, but still want to do it. My question is, when I get up to a piece of the applique, and pull the bobbin thread up and go over the applique piece, dragging the thread, and then down the other side of the applique, do I have to pull the bobbin thread up on the other side before I start to sew again? Will that be enough to hold the stitches so that it won't start to unravel. Then I would continue with the line on the other side of the applique and when all done, cut the threads that are dragged over the applique.
I am sorry Sharon, that I seem to ramble on, but you have helped me before and I read all your e-mails and blogs and I just needed to hear you say, forget or you can do it. lol I put a lot of faith in you. I have learned so much from your blogs and tutorials. They are GREAT!!
Also, I don't have the 4th bar that most longarm quilters have. Can you buy them and put it on yourself.
Thank you for your patience!!! Carol