Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Man in Brown

I love when UPS arrives at my house. They leave their packages tucked in the corner of my front porch, away from the elements. The packages stay there, waiting for me to arrive home. It's such a delight to be able to just pick it up and take it inside. No looking for my mailbox keys, no walking across the street in the cold and dark to check my mail. Probably just bills in there anyways!
I told myself "no more books" and then these arrived. I'll never live long enough to make all the beautiful projects designers and authors publish for us, but I so enjoy flipping through the pages just before nodding off for the night.

I now have all of Kim Diehl's books and will certainly purchase her new one next year. I love applique and although I don't use her method, I love her designs and color choices.

I know I said I wouldn't post any more pics of this piece, but since I'm talking Kim Diehl, and I haven't shown it over top a square table, I had to share. What a wonderful design, it is meant to hang over like this so next year I will make an effort to have a small square table and use this to showcase snowmen.

This circular piece was a class project that my friend Paula and I did together. It's one of those patterns where you get two tops exactly the same but opposite. Here is my version and the opposite is on Paula's table in OR. I will always think of my quilting buddy when I look at this piece.

And finally, a quilt as you go project from the 12 Days of Christmas blog hop. I sewed bells on the tree instead of buttons, I'm enjoying it on my wall until Dec 13, when my friend will take it home with her. When she saw this piece, her first words were "That would match my place perfectly" So off to her place it shall go. Also because I gift I purchased for her has been lost in my move.

I'm on the home stretch with some finishes, I'm binding away, staying warm and toasty during these cold nights. It might even snow today.
Stitch a bit if you can.

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belinda said...

Hey...that little snowman quilt is cute enough
to see again!.....and that circular piece... that one.....OK...I'm off to sew on
that last row.........