Thursday, May 26, 2011

Girly Girl Quilting

I have a customer in Idaho who loves applique. I love everything she has ever sent me.  Here is her newest piece, there must be a new baby coming soon.  M asked that I make this one "girly", I think I accomplished that.

Blogger is not behaving with picture uploads and I don't have the patience tonight.  I am working on 4 hours sleep.  I had Miss Molly in at the emergency hospital last night; she got a $200+ pedicure.  Seriously, her paw was swollen and she was howling like I've never heard from her before.  Her temp was 105 last night, so a shot of antibiotics that lasts 8 - 10 days, an anti inflammatory shot, a pain killer shot, and a soak of her paw in warm soapy water found a very swollen and sore pad, possibly an absess.  So it was a little more than a hang nail.  Poor little kitty.  So at 2 am I was driving home in the pouring rain, exhausted, but glad I took her in and didn't wait until today. 

I will post photos and a big shout out to JulieK later this weekend!  You ROCK, girl!


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liz said...

Never mind about the picture. My dog kept licking her front paw. 36 hours later I took her to the vet. We didn't realise then but she had been bitten by a venomous spider. A good outcome but worrying.