Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gwen Marston * Lopez Island * Long Overdue Wrap up

So here it is, almost 2 weeks later and I'm finally getting the wrap up post uploaded. I'll let the photos do the talking. On a personal note, I've started my new job last week. My commute is now 4 minutes, I have a huge window at my desk, and everyone is so calm and helpful and heads down getting the job done. I know it's the honeymoon stage, but I'm really liking it. It is a start up transportation company and I'm the only office employee, so I'm doing it all, it's kind of crazy as so many things need to be put into play, so I have a lot of balls in the air. I'm learning to on to the photos.
We were doing Medallions, and everyone had their own vision and colors and designs. No patterns used, all the creative juices of each individual. I loved every minute of this workshop, I just wish I has stayed the Sunday night so I didn't have to pack up early. Next time.....

Love the liberated fans and tri's......and how cute is that dog!!!!

Yes, this center is pieced, those diamonds are amazing!
Miss Gwen, giving such encouragement and compliments
Loved watching this one evolve, look at all those 1/2 sq tri's.
Cross stitched center, and a great liberated border.  Great job working through this border.
Baskets along the top are just stinkin' C-U-T-E.  The plan is to have them all around the quilt.  A used "made" fabric for the baskets.
Out of africa, oh my, D had some great fabrics to work with.
Striking appliqued center.  Great colors, makes me want a tropical vacation!
So graphic, and look at that border, Sq in a sq, but random sizes. Fabulous!
Can you see the challenge ahead for this quilter, just look at the appliqued border.  This has been a labor of love and I know it will be amazing when it's finished.
C...what can I say.  She was the young'n in the group, not quite 30 yet.  How fabulous to have someone of that age embrace this craft.  Her fabric choices and designs are young and fresh!
Oh la, la.  Watching this piece evolve was so much fun.  She really used her fabrics to get the maximum punch from them.  It's going to be stunning.
L kept cutting and sewing and staying the course, I loved this one, and look how she is radiating the design out in the corners.  She tried several blocks for the next round and was ready to get to it on Sunday. Her center is pretty funky too, great applique.
Oh, how much is that puppy in the center???  SO CUTE.  I know, it's repeated, but it's cute enough to show twice ;-)
Fish tales, every time I looked at this I could hear the theme song from Jaws.  How wonderful is this.  The boat will have a line and hook going down to the fish. 
Second border option, so many decisions!

My batteries died on Sunday so LeeAnn from Nifty Quilts was gracious enough to send me these photos. Please go to her blog here and see her wrap up, she makes you feel like you were part of the journey in her post.

I haven't had much time to piece, but this workshop got my mojo back. I have started to organize all my bits and pieces from this trip and once I get organized, I'll share where my second medallion is going.

Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement while I was unemployed. I had a list of "unemployment enjoyment" things to do, still have the list! Funny how time can run away from you!
Happy stitching


Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Congrats on the new job....especially being the office boss and all..!!

I really enjoyed seeing all the Lopez Island retreat quilts and progress from everyone! Wish I had been there too!

I really like your new blog header!!

Nifty Quilts said...

Nice wrap up! I feel like I'm back in the school house with all of you again.

Sue said...

I would so have loved to be able to take a workshop from Gwen. She is such an inspiration to me. Having her live so close to my home is a real shame that I never got to one of her Beaver Island workshops.

I am so behind on my quilting. Trust me, I will get o my S.O.S. blocks soon! I have a new grandbaby coming and we are getting ready for her! Bear with me!

Lori said...

Love the excitement and original inspiration you get in one of Gwen's classes!!

Lori said...

PS, I'm happy the job is working out well so far. I'm sure they love you and your efficiency!!

Louise said...

Nice job putting a finish to the Gwen workshop.. I will hop on over and take a peek at Nifty Quilts. Love each piece as they are all so unique. Glad the job is working out for you, Sharon.