Saturday, July 6, 2013

Banner Quilts

No photos in this post, they are all in the heading.
Left to Right

DeRailed by the Stars - This quilt was pieced before I had a good grasp of value.  I had hundreds of rail fence blocks and made 3 trips to my LQS to use their design wall.  I was using public transit at the time, so each of these trips took a total of an afternoon.  I struggled to get the rail fence design and it just was not coming together.  I went home, made 13 star blocks and started sewing the blocks together however they got pulled out of the bag.  Once I moved to the states, I got this quilted and showed it at a group.  Someone raved about the 13 stars for the 13 original colonies and went on and on.........hmmmm, more like "blocks made out of necessity"  So sometimes when things don't work out as planned, it might be a good thing!

Americana Banner - This is from Yvonne at Crackling Crows  I've purchased a few items from her and I've been very happy with the quality of her work.  Worth checking out!

SOS - you saw this block in my last post, now it has the berries on it

Chain of Stars - This is an oldie from American Patchwork.  It was a cover quilt by Alex Anderson.  I made this back in 05 or 06.  I hand pieced the stars and then machine pieced the balance.  This quilt has a dark blue border and I have done some amazing custom quilting on the border.....but you can't see it because it's a dark printed fabric.  It was so much work; it doesn't show up and I've never done it again!

So that's the scoop on my new header.



Deere Driver said...

How we learn and grow!

Lori said...

All the projects are beautiful and look great as your new header.

Janet O. said...

Love the new header, Sharon. All of the R/W/B projects look great!

Kyle said...

What a great collection you have. They look wonderful in your header. Planning another R/W/B project?

Kathie said...

love the new look and the banner quilts! thanks for the story behind the rail fence quilt just made me smile
we all must have a story like that! amazing how far we have come isn't it? Kathie