Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Slash of Sunshine

I've had this quilt for a very long time........seriously, probably close to 2 years. And no, it's not one of my tops in a pile.

The time came to finally get this loaded up and quilted. We had already decided on the quilting, it was my getting my mojo together to do the quilting.

It turned out really well. My original plan was to echo the applique, but once I got all the blocks around the applique quilted, I felt that stitch in the ditch and a frame was enough to make the applique shine.

I always want to quilt so that the piecing is showcased.

Here is a shot of the back.

This is all packed up and ready so ship back. K was fine with me posting pictures before she gets her quilt back.
Now to pull out one of my tops and do something more than an edge to edge. I think I'm going to pull out a log cabin top and feather all the light sections. But first I have a tote bag to make.

Jingle Bells,


Janet O. said...

Very pretty quilting, Sharon! I think you chose well!

Louise said...

Very nice! I am so glad you got your mojo back....but have you seen mine by any chance? I seem to have lost it more than a couple of weeks ago.. Really like the idea of the feathers in the light of the log cabin. I have done that numerous times and was always happy with the results.

Nancy said...

Thais is a great quilt and your quilting really makes it shine.

Lori said...

Such pretty quilting!

Aunt 'Reen said...

Beautiful quilt. I think you made a wonderful quilting choice - your work looks beautiful!

Mimi said...

What a pretty, fresh looking quilt. I think you did a fantastic job on the quilting, too.

judith lockhart said...

Fabulous quilting that you do!!