Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Hallow'een

Its a foggy rainy day here in the NW. Perfect for trick or treating, right? Well, not so much. But I'm sure the kidlets will persevere and go home with a pillow case full of loot. I like the "trunk or treats" that go on now, but as for us, we won't see one ghost or goblin tonight. The house is too far off the road, and being a gated community, they have a big event at the community hall for the kids.
Here are a few pieces I have enjoyed looking at this month.

I love these blown glass pumpkins.  I pull them out every year and leave them out through Thanksgiving.

My favorite hallow'een piece.  This has a flannel back and was perfect to take to the local Friday night high school football game.  School colors here are orange and black. 

some spiral quilting.......
bias strip borders............

and a happy black cat who LOVES to sleep on this quilt.

A beautiful sunset over Birch Bay this month, but I'm now looking forward to sunrises here.  November and December are the best time for sunrises.

Hoping you all get lots of treats this weekend!


Janet O. said...

Your orange and black "stadium quilt" is a great Halloween piece--complete with its own black cat. : )

Mcm said...

Nice post Sharon, keep them coming.

Lori said...

Great quilts and fun decor!

Sharon said...