Friday, March 27, 2015

A Little more Gwen

Day 2 with Gwen was her Small Studies.  Here are a few of her samples.  They are simply amazing, and although they are in her book, it is go great to see them again in person. 

Of course you can click on the photos to get a better look.  Most of these pieces are about 10" x 12" by my guesstimation.  Is that even a word?  Well, it works for me.  Love the triangles, bottom right piece in picture below.

There was a few members from the Vancouver, BC MQG who came for the three days and a few made the trek up from the Seattle area on day one. It's so great to get into a workshop with people that work in ways that I don't. I did not partake in much of the "small" part of this workshop, but many of the students carried on to Monday, which was an open sew day with Gwen. Most continued their small studies and I really saw some amazing work.  Here is one student with Gwen and her work in the background.  Loved the 2 color piece.  Those who worked on their small studies for 2 days really had amazing work on the second day.  I think that is the value in having a workshop that lasts more than one day.

My 'small' studies ended up in my liberated log cabins.  Those little squares are 1/4" finished.  Fun, but fiddly for me.

More work from the other students, simply FABULOUS. 

Love the two pieces on the right. 

The soft colors in this piece were really special.  I could see this piece being blown up into something 60 x 60.  Who knows, maybe Krista will make a series of these small studies.

Here is Krista with her new book.  What a lot of work it was to put this together.  She told us a bit of her journey to publication and it's not for the faint of heart.  Oh, and by the way, Krista won 1st place in her category at QuiltCon.  Click on the link to see her piece, Blackbird Fly.   Congratulations go out to her.  She's having a great year so far!

As for me, I got energized and have moved a lot closer to finished on a piece I started in Gwen's workshop in 2011.  I'm still working away on a few other things, and have a big announcement on Monday morning. 

Have a great weekend, and I hope you get some stitching time!


Mimi said...

I must say I am jealous. Those were all some really pretty quilts and I know you had a great time.

Louise said...

I like your two pieces Sharon and hope you continue on that path. Thank you for posting about Gwen's workshop i was so sorry to have to cancel. I really love Krista's colors. I will be watching for your announcement!

audrey said...

What a great experience! So much to learn from this amazing lady.:)

Lori said...

Looks like an inspiring time!