Sunday, January 22, 2017

Starts? or Finishes?

January is a strange time for quilters.  It seems some of us are caught between two forces.  Do we finish up some things we started in the past year(s)?  or put some current ideas into action and start something new?  Looking around FB and IG, it seems we are split.  Many finished have happened and it's only mid January.  Me? I pulled out a stack of books to plan a year long project, just for me.  But I know I have too much on my plate and I'm hesitating on even pulling the fabric. 
I've focused on this instead.  Sorry, apparently I can't rotate photos today!

Pattern is a Minnick and Simpson from a few years back.  I finally got the hand quilting, binding and a sleeve stitched on, so I'm ready for next Christmas!

Judi Madson, aka Green Fairy Quilter, has an iquilt workshop that I purchased a while back.  I had the samples made, but didn't get to the quilting until just before Christmas and now they both have binding and sleeves.  Here is her modern pattern for quilting.  This is pretty dense, certainly for show, but not for most of the tops that I quilt for my customers. 

And here is her idea of more traditional designs.  All the motifs are ones that I have in my toolbox, but it was fun to put them together 'her' way.  A new twist on good designs.

What's to not love, feathers and continuous curves with swirls. 

And just for fun, I stitched up a little table topper with some scraps of Xmas fabric that have kicked around for years  Now they are used up and I have a new to me piece for Xmas 2017

So......If you have a closet full of these.........

Let me help you turn them into these. 

Nothing is better then finished.  Start as many new projects that you want, but get those tops quilted up and use them.  If you don't love them for yourself, get an edge to edge, or for even less dollars, get a meander quilted on them and gift/donate them out.

We invest our hard earned dollars into the fabric, we put a lot of emotion into the 'start' of every project.  Don't let all that go to waste.  Every quilt doesn't need, or even warrant custom, higher priced quilting.  And speaking of prices, my E2E all over prices have not been raised in years. 

Now is the time to assess those tops. Contact me through the comments section if you need some help adding to your finished list in 2017.  I'd love to quilt for you.

Keep stitching,


Lori said...

And I can recommend Sharon! Maybe I'll get that backing pieced today!!

Janet O. said...

Love the candy cane piece, Sharon.
Your quilting on the samples is lovely--I especially love the traditional one. You are a master of the feathers!

Nifty Quilts said...

I'm so happy with Sharon's work! I just received two quilts back from Sharon. Both are beautifully done. I highly recommend her. It feels so good to get those quilt tops made into quilts! Now, for the bindings...

Nifty Quilts said...

Your candy cane bouquet is lovely. You're way ahead for next Christmas!

Mimi said...

Just lovely....AND, I am excited to say that I am taking a two-day class with Judy Madsen come this March. I can hardly wait.

Karen said...

Perfect fabric for the candy canes.