Saturday, February 11, 2017

Court House Steps Quiltalong

Are you in?  I couldn't resist joining along with All People Quilt for this 2017 quilt along.  It helps that my quilt is one of the feature patterns.  When I was making that quilt, I never thought of it as a CH Steps block, but that's exactly how it was put together. 

My current piece is more traditional, yet liberated.  I'm making String Steps.  Piecing this block is like eating potato chips.  I just can't stop!

These are 12 1/2" blocks with some 6 1/2" blocks thrown into the mix for a diversion.  It's hard to believe that these fabulous (yes, I'm patting myself on the back as I type this) blocks can be created from this mess.

I wasn't kidding, I just keep making them. I'm working on a commission quilt and in between a stack of 10 blocks for her, I manage to stitch two sides to a stack of CH Steps blocks that sit on my sewing table. Then I take them all to the pressing station, press, move to the cutting table, trim  and repeat the process.

Here is a side view.  I do like the dark strips horizontal.  The small blocks set in between the big ones gives the illusion of hearts in the light section.

Here was the view from my sewing table all week.  Snow days for the kids, so that equated to sew days for me. Roads messy so I just stayed in and worked all week..

I love the snow, even when it's on the roads. I drive slower, stay in when it's bad, but I don't fret over it. It really is winter, and winter is when it snows. I know, it's a pain for many, but I happen to love it!

Especially from the comfort of my sewing room.

So, have I convinced you to join in the APQ quilt along for 2017? They have Facebook Thursday, 11:00 a.m Central time, where they are sharing tips and tricks for making the blocks, there are downloadable line drawing so you can try out different color ways and settings. If you do join in, remember, #apqquiltalong is their tag for FB and IG.

Come on, I know you want to.........

Keep stitching,


Janet O. said...

Oh, you are a temptress, aren't you? : )
I really like your blocks--I mean REALLY like them! But I will watch from the sidelines. Already in over my head with commitments.
I'm glad to hear of someone else that actually likes the snow.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Have fabrics ready to start, no snow or winter here--I miss it

suzanne black said...

Love your work!!! Sorry it took awhile to comment but crazy busy work week. I'd love to find some quilters up here to hang out and quilt with!!! Suzie

Lori said...

I love that block!

Karen said...

I want to dive into those piles of fabric pieces and play!

Gayle said...

I'm having a hard time finding that group on Facebook - can you send me a link? Cuz that scrap quilt is screaming at me - MAKE ME - MAKE ME!!!!!

I love the snow too - We had a whole bunch of it here in Utah this year, but warm temps and rain have pretty much melted all of it. I'm sure we'll get more eventually, but it really feels like winter is over now.....

Gayle said...

Can you please tell me how wide your logs are? And the size of the center square? I'm itching to get into my scrap bins! Thanks!