Sunday, March 26, 2017

Quilters Anonymous Part 2

Since I love applique, I'm always searching them out at quilt shows. The ones with hand quilting really catch my eye and I'm always happy to see the hand work being shown.

Enjoy Part 2 of this quilt show.

Sorry, I didn't turn this picture.

I liked the layout of this one, the sashing and border really pops the blocks.

Pat Sloan pattern?  I think so.  Bright and cheerful!

The color choices on this were lovely.

This pink/green/white appealed to me.  I love the balance of color and the design really shines with the bit of dark used for star points and little hourglass blocks.
And I loved the very pretty, and clean lines of the quilting.  They didn't fuss it up with a ton of thread, but really accented the patchwork. 

Oh how this one caught my eye, and the eye of many other viewers around me.  The compliments were flying both times I went to look at this piece.  So much color and great placement of flowers and leaves.  Plus the background choices really helped the applique pop. 

I was so surprised to read the card beside this quilt and not recognize the quilter's name.  I was so sure I knew who created this piece, both the fabric choices and quilting felt familiar to me.  Then I ran into Nifty Quilts and she asked if I saw her plaid strip quilt.  Duh....I read the wrong card.  Of course this is her work.  Fabulous baptist fan quilting with black perl cotton.  I purchased this fan template after seeing Nifty show some work on her blog.  I am mentally designing a quilt top that I can use this stencil with.  You can purchase it here.  I'm not affiliated, I just know it's a great online shop and the service and product is terrific.

close up

Stellar secondary designs were added with the machine quilting.  And those circles are actual faced holes with a background layered behind them.  I've seen this technique years ago without a background, and it still mystifies me as to the technical steps to achieve this look.  Fabulous piece.
Simple blocks with great results.  All patchwork does not have to be complicated and time consuming and stressful and laborious to be fabulous.  This is the perfect example.  I don't know who's quilt this is, but I love it!
Another great liberated modern piece.  The color choices are fantastic in this one, and it drew me in for a closer look several times. 
I'm a bit biased on this last piece, as I did the quilting on it, but I truly love it.  Nifty Quilts sent this to me in the new year and I loved working with her on this one. Keep it simple and whimsical and not a lot of quilting on this, she said.  These are left over parts and pieces, the leaves are string pieced, ala Susan McCord, the outer blocks are from Organized Chaos. (remember the piece from my last post?)  Big string pieced baskets.  Both machine and hand applique is used, and borders got their bang from the prints in the fabric.  The striped Kaffe really shines next to the outer border.  This piece is big, it's fantastic, and it is totally a Nifty creation.  One of a kind!
I hope you enjoyed my mini version of a fantastic show.  Now if only they call me and tell me I won their raffle quilt, it will have been a perfect day.  Minus the torrential rains that Tonya A. drove in to get us there.  She's also a great quilter, check out her latest pattern in Quiltmania.

Keep stitching,


Me and My Stitches said...

Wow! Such beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Thanks for sharing a great quilt show with all of us!

Karen said...

Though a lot going on with Nifty Quilts' quilt, I like it very much.
I see there were several applique quilts at the show and very good ones. Thank you for sharing pictures.

Mimi said...

Wow...just beautiful.

Lori said...

Such lovely quilts! There's some talent putting on that show!

Kyle said...

Such a variety of styles and colors all coming together for a fantastic show.

Janet O. said...

Some really beautiful applique, and other fun quilts. I have Barb's first stencil, but I still want to get the second one--didn't even know about the third one.
Not really into modern quilting, but I really like that fractured looking piece.