Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Recap of Quilt Market Portland OR

May 24 - 27 brought Quilts Inc to Portland OR for their spring Market.  It is a trade show for all kinds of businesses involved in the quilting industry.  The cross section of booths cover every kind of business, from Moda fabrics to American Patchwork and Quilting (Meredith Publications) to independent pattern designers to brand name fabric designers.

I attended as a longarm quilter and budding pattern designer.  Since Portland was close to home, (driving distance), I wanted to attend and get a peek into 'the other side' of the business.
 First up was this amazing antique quilt that welcomed all the first time attendee's at a coffee meet and greet.
The vendor booths were packed with color and design, but there was a very small exhibit of quilts on display.  This one was delightful, who can pass by a red and white quilt?!

Especially when it was hand quilted.

Designer details.
With all the amazing free form quilts being shown all over social media and at all types of quilt shows, this one was a stunner.  It also was the cover quilt for the Market program.
Details of above quilt.

This piece glowed, it drew you in, and captured my attention for a few minutes.

Details of above quilt

Are you following Maria Shell?  Have you got her book? Her work is pretty amazing.

Details on Maria's piece.
American Patchwork and Quilting staff editors were all working out on the floor so I got a few minutes in their booth when it was quiet.   I have a pattern coming out in an upcoming issue, so stay tuned for those details.
The ladies that I have worked with have been wonderful and they make my work look so good. I'm grateful to have my quilts included with so many other wonderful patterns.  Meeting them all in person was top on my list, so I was pleased to check that off.

As seen in the Paper Pieces booth.
Some fabulous machine quilting on this one!

Color, color and more color.  Here are a few  shots of various booths.  Since I was not there buying/writing orders from fabric companies, I stayed on the outside, but managed a few good photos.
Victoria created this piece below with Cotton Supreme solids by RJR Fabrics
It was quilted by Shelly Pagliai

The next few pictures are from Anna Maria Horner's section.

What a beautiful lady, and a fabulous booth.

Look at that fabric, those big flowers are fantastic. 
Exciting things coming from her in the next year!

Tula was in the house.  I took but a minute of her time and she was as nice as can be!

My friend Tonya from Stash Lab Quilts had her first booth.  It was an array of color and wow, can she create with strips.  Check out her patterns and new book here. 
She has a great post with photos from market as well.

Buttermilk Basin had an amazing booth.  She has so many patterns and samples, it was delightful no matter where you turned around.

I loved Northcott's backdrop!  This sums up what I took away from market. Imagine what you can do, then give it a try.  The only things you will fail at are the ones you don't try.  It's just fabric, and we all know where we can get more.  Try something new each month, it doesn't have to be king size, it can be a mini.  

EE Schenck Co  is a large wholesale warehouse in Portland, OR.  They through a big party for market goers on Saturday night.  It was really great, very busy and long lines.  Thank goodness I preordered, and since I was going to market, and driving, I did a bit of stocking up.  Three rolls of batting, and a box of odds and ends.  Longarm quilting supplies and maybe a bit of fabric for a new quilt or two. 

After walking the aisles of market for a few days, it was time to pack up my car and head home. Portland is a city full bridges, and I couldn't resist this last shot.

I arrived at market with a mental check list and was excited to leave with everything crossed off.  Some were "to do" items, and others were ideas floating around in my brain.  I cleaned out some clutter in my head, and came home recharged and energized.  Now to carve out the time to put some ideas into action. 

What new things are you going to try in June?

Keep stitching,


Mimi said...

How exciting! Great quilts and sounds like it was a great experience for you, too. Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

The antique quilt is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing a picture of it. An unusual setting for the designs.

taylorsoutback said...

Your first market!! Always exciting and also overwhelming...how I miss those days. Congratulations on your pattern publication in American Quilts and Patchwork. Thank you for posting the photo of the antique quilt - fabulous colors and design.

Lori said...

Always a great way to get energized! So much bright and floral- not a fan, but apparently people are or they wouldn't be doing it.
Looks like you saved some shipping on that batting. :)