Thursday, January 16, 2020


Have you got a copy of Quilted yet?  If not, you can find it here, along with many other great publications from Uppercase Publishing Inc, based in Calgary, AB Canada.  This is my first time having this book in my hands, and it's a hefty one.  382 pages that feature over 50 designers/makers

The post it note was from Nifty Quilts. She generously sent me a copy and gave me the short cut to her quilt.  Why, because I was fortunate enough to have quilted it for her.  See some more of her work HERE and HERE

....and she made sure I got my name added to the article. So fun to see my name attached to her work.  I've been in workshops and have stitched with Nifty and she is so inspirational in the way she creates.  I find myself making quicker decisions and I don't "over think" every fabric choice.  I can get hung up in the decision process and that truly impedes moving forward when making.

Here are a few pictures of Moderation.  Many of these blocks were left overs from other projects.  She has an amazing knack of adding in florals, stripes and plaids that seem to tie together her "orphan" blocks.
The quilting was done block by block and I did my best to keep to 3 or 4 motifs.  A lot of straight line quilting was used.

The center plate was stitched using my Circle templates and I love the motion it created.

Take a minute to click on the photos and study her fabrics, they truly are eclectic and hopefully will inspire you to take a few more chances with your next fabric pull.  Add in a stripe or a plaid, (or both), try something outside your comfort zone.  You just might be surprised with the outcome.

Moderation letters have come from Tonya's book.  The E version is available here .
It also might be available via other places and it's a book that I have used many times. 

Uppercase has showcased so many makers/designers that are "new to me"  They have shared so much of their process and a peek into their world of designing.  You can read more about Uppercase here on their website/blog.

Sorry for the sideways picture.  I wanted to show the inside cover, work of Tara Faugnan.  Several of her pieces are shown via the dust jacket, which is interchangeable.  I LOVE that idea, even though I'll be keeping Tara's quilt as my preferred book cover.

Cover option 1-2
Option 3 - 4  The one on the right is Tara's work.  She is also the designer featured in Sewtopia's Color Collective. 

Ten pages have been dedicated to Maday Delgado.  Do you know her work?  I didn't and am so inspired by her work.  Find her HERE and on Instagram @sustainabletextiledesign  This maker is SO amazing. Go check her IG feed, right after you finish reading this post!

A huge thank  you to Janine Vangool from Uppercase for leading this amazing publication.   She has brought many makers to my attention via this book.  It's definitely one worth getting into your collection.  

Snow days are  Sew days.  I hope everyone is staying safe and warm as Mother Nature brings winter to many of us this week. 
Keep stitching,


Karen said...

This is such a beautiful book and to think your quilting is featured in it, is so exciting! I love the quilting you did for her. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Lori said...

What an interesting book! So fun to see your quilting up close and personal on this fun quilt!

audrey said...

It looks like such a great book! Your quilting added wonderful texture to LeeAnn's gorgeous quilt.:)