Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lists and Goals for 2011

Wow, I can't believe we are rolling into 2011 this weekend. Where did the time go? It's also the time of year that I make a few lists. I try to break down my projects into catagories because they are in such different stages.  There are several terms out there for quilters, my favorite being WIPS. Works in Progress.  I honestly don't have any projects that I've mentally abandoned, although there are some that did not get touched this year.  These projects still remain on my list.  There was a purging day or two in my studio and that got rid of UFO's.  Life is too short and too busy to stress over something that I have no interest in finishing. Quilts are like books, there are no rules that say you have to finish a bad  uninteresting project.
  • Hand Quilting - 5
  • Hand Applique - 2
  • Kits - 4 *I've not started any of these
  • Hand piecing - 2
  • Tops in the Piecing process - 14
  • Tops to be Machine Quilted - 9
I've got each section with specific projects.  I'm in the process of cutting for a top. I included that, and I have my 25 block BOM Beyond the Cherry Tree included in this list.  It will not be done in 2011, but I'll stay focused on this.  Some of these can be finished  moved to a different list simply by putting the blocks together,  one project is all hand quilted, I just  need to make the pieces into pillows!  Given that I have some things that I haven't sewn a stitch on, and some that are oh so close to being a finished top, I know that I'll make some headway with things this year.
So what's on your list?  Do you regroup at this time of year? Notice I made no resolutions or specific commitments to finish.  I have enough projects on the go that I can pick and choose and bounce around and still make progress.
Thanks for all the comments, it lets me know that you are stopping in and visiting my little corner of blogland and I'm very appreciative.

Happy New Year to all!



julieQ said...

Well, dear Sharon....I think your list is very doable! I guess you noticed mine...and that is not all, but most of the projects are you and I have our work cut out for us!!

Karen said...

I don't stress over UFO's. If I get tired of a project or it isn't going the way I want, I find someone who thinks it is wonderful and give it to them. Most times, the project gets finished by the new owner and I am happy both to no longer have it and to have made someone else happy.

Exuberant Color said...

I am regrouping too. I think I will hang all of the tops that need borders together, hang the ones that ready for quilting together, etc. There will be one section of 'indecision', not sure where I'm headed from the point it is at. I think after Christmas is the perfect time to start organization because the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is lost time in the studio.

Lori said...

The first of the year is a great time to regroup and organize. Happy new year!!

Ann Champion said...

I see a lot of people are making lists? I never write down things that are "in progress"..I guess it would scare me? LOL I just write down techniqes/quilts I want to start!
Good luck in reaching your goals..and a happy healthy new year to you! :)

Sonia Hensley said...

Lists? Making plans to finish? HA! I tend to live by the attitude that if I don't remember it, it doesn't exist so I won't sweat not finishing it. Not the best way, but it is who I am, so why fight it.

Happy New Year to you Sharon! I hope it's the best, you deserve it.