Friday, December 10, 2010

'Tis the Season

There's been a little bit of sewing going on around here. The fun part of this gift was that I did the stitching last year and all the half squares were bonus blocks from a scrappy red and cream project. A little stitch in the ditch on the machine, a few lines of hand quilting and, voila, a lovely gift.
Along with stitching, I love to bake and this time of year keeps me busy. I remember throwing out my pastry cutter last year so it was on my shopping list on the weekend. Hmmm, how many stores do you think I had to go to in order to purchase this? The Kitchen store in the mall was sold out, after the staff sent me to two different sections to look for it. Then I wandered through the mall to Target. Nope, sold out there. You have to love the staff at this time of year. When I told her I already looked where she pointed me, she then pretty much said, "what do you expect at this time of year, this is when people buy this item". I replied, well, you would think the buyers would BUY that item for this time of year. Then I made my way back through the mall to my car, and stopped at my third and final option. Talk about taking a lot of time and effort to buy a simple kitchen item.
I was very happy when I could finally purchase this, and I went home and broke it in on a batch of shortbread cookies. Yum!
I've got a gal pal arriving tonight, so stay tuned for some photos of wonderful Christmas baking in the next few days.


Karen said...

Cute mittens on the clothesline. There are so many creative embroidery designs available now.

liz said...

Lovely gift for some lucky person. Now on to the mystery item. I do my share of cooking and baking but what do you use this difficult to purchase item for? I don't think I've ever seen one before, or if I have, I haven't registered.

Louise said...

You could have given me a call, Sharon..mine was sitting idly in the kitchen drawer. A bit early yet to put it to good use here as Mr. Murphy and I would just eat all of the goodies up..cute little red and white piece..

Lori said...

Geez, who would think a pastry cutter would be hard to find any time of the year?!
Love your stitchery!!!

Mimi said...

Your mitten project is absolutely adorable. Someone is very lucky to receive it. I would have lent you my pasty cutter!

Ann Champion said...

Your mitten quilt is darling!

I'm surprised you were able to find a pastry cutter at all. I thought most people bought their crusts/pies ready made?
I just bought the powdered sugar to make your shortbread recipe. :)