Sunday, February 27, 2011

Focused = Finished

I have finally got my GFG finished. Well, it's finished as a top, it still needs to be quilted, and that is going to be done by hand so it has to wait in line.
 It sure makes my table look like spring, even though it looks like this outside. Yup, we finally got some snow in the NW corner of the US.
We've been in a cold snap for the past week; so much for my spring flowers I planted 2 weeks ago.  I knew I should have taken photos!
Let's hope the bulbs that have sprouted survive these temperatures, we are breaking records for this time of year.
OK, back to my GFG.  It is big enough for my kitchen table and I wanted borders on it. I wasn't sure how to add borders, so I appliqued the center to the strips but left the corners open so I could add the other two sides.  I pressed the edge and handstitched, then finished the applique.  I'm very happy with how it turned out, it's been a long time in the making. I just couldn't bear the thought of setting this aside one more time, so I made it my priority and now it's done.
I was at my Applique group and mentioned that this will be a table topper for my kitchen. One member piped up "oh no, what if someone spills on it" and immediately someone else said, "how would you know!"  I had to laugh, she's right! I figure it's all cotton, it's meant to be used and used it will be.  So if this gets a few washings, I think it will just give it more character.  I worked too long on this to put it away "for good". I'm living right now, I'm good enough for good in my household. And yes, I use my good china and crystal.  So what if it breaks, better than keeping it all perfect in a cupboard!
This last photo is just cute, kitty paws and one dog print in the snow.

Hope your weekend has been full of stitches.


ritad said...

Love your GFG.. I'm making one in my head, but I'll get it started before long. Best of all I like you thoughts on using your "good"..I agree that we should use all our good stuff and everything we love.. after all it's "our" life.

liz said...

My, you ARE churning through the UFOs. I like this latest one. By the way, I bought a pastry/butter/sugar mixer thing while I was in the US. Still haven't used it but I am looking forward to the experience. haha.

Lori said...

What a beauty! And I couldn't agree with you more about using our beautiful things.

Ann Champion said...

I LOVE your GFG! It's beautiful on your table.
I agree with using your "good" things. It's wonderful to use the nice things you have and enjoy them.
When we cleared out my Mom's estate years ago, we found all sorts of "for good" items that she never used. It was sad.

Brandie said...

I love your new table topper! I agree with you, use it and enjoy it! Both the dishes and the quilt will lift your spirits every time you see them.

Valentina said...

CONGRATULATIONS Sharon! Oh wow, it turned out so wonderful! Right on!
And I do love it on the kitchen table, enjoy!

Kathie said...

oh just love that new table topper, yes use it!
won't it be fun walking into the kitchen everyday and seeing it?
I think so!