Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sharing with Others

I have finally got my box ready to post. There are two quilts in here, and both will go to strangers

What a great feeling it was to pack these quilts and kiss them good bye. Not good in the "I'm getting rid of things", but good in the way that these will travel across the country and comfort someone who I shall never meet. I know they need these more than I.
These quilts are going to help an organization that Victoria over at Bumble Beans is working with.  If you want to know more or want to help out by sending off a quilt, you can check it out here.

This black and white star quilt was made as a shop sample and it was folded up in a closet. This christmas quilt was mostly hand pieced and put together by machine. I used it over the back of my couch during the hoiday season. Now both of these quilts will be put to better use, they will keep someone warm on a cold evening. They will provide comfort, maybe hope of a better day, maybe even help someone realize that even though their situation may not be very good, that they know that there are good people out in the world, that good things can happen. I put a lot of optimism in that box, I hope it gets used!
UPDATE: Victoria emailed me that the next event at BASICS will be April 4th, so lots of time to send off a new or gently used quilt. Try it, it feels really good!


Lori said...

Very nice Sharon! I'm sure the quilts will bring warmth and a smile.

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh, that black and white star quilt is stunning! How generous of you to share it with others!

Sharon said...

Good for you, Sharon! They're both great quilts and should bring comfort and hope to someone that needs both.

Ann Champion said...

What a wonderful gift for someone to recieve! I hope those quilts let someone know they are cared about..you never know how much such a gesture will mean to someone?

liz said...

How generous you are. I imagine that the recipients will be pleased with your gift on 2 levels. The practical and the emotional needs are served. And I feel that you, too, have benefited from the act of giving. Works all round.