Friday, August 26, 2011

Beautiful Finish

This is not my quilt. It's D's quilt, one that she made for her niece. Asian influenced and bold. It's for a birthday this fall.
The quilting took some time, this is a labor intensive design. By the time I got to the end of a row, my arm and hand would be asleep! Hmmm, a computer was sounding right up my alley a few times. Then I reminded myself why I love quilting; it's because I get to do the quilting!
When D saw the finished piece, she commented on how she would like to keep it. I told her to keep it! She has enough time to get another top whipped up before the fall birthday! I'm sure she will gift it, but I'm not so sure I would.

The quilting pattern in Annie's Garden by Ann Bright. I used SoFine in color 403. It's a few shades creamier than white. It's nice on the white and not as stark as what white would be on the black and red portions. Bottom line in the bobbin.


liz said...

That is a nice quilting pattern. It looks good on the red and black too.

Lucky recipient!

Janet O. said...

Beautiful quilting pattern, but it does look labor intensive. You've done a nice job. I like your thread choices. Very smart.
This is a striking quilt with its bold contrast!

Brandie said...

Gorgeous! D has a hard decision to make.

Mimi said...

Very nice!