Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Festivals

Saturday was a beautiful day for a drive. Road trips are so much better in my sisters rag top sports car. We headed south to Anacortes, WA for their annual street festival.
 Yup, I had put my camera on black and white in my studio Friday night, and forgot to change it back. Because it was sunny and I had on my sunglasses, I couldn't see the screen while I was taking photos.  When I went to take the next photo shown............well, so much for my colorful pictures of the street fair.!
I was prepared, a large bag for purchases, straw hat, sunscreen, camera and a list  colors in YLI hand quilting thread. The Quilt Shop is the only place that I've seen that sells YLI hand quilting threads.  I had seen their selection when we did our shophop but this time I was prepared with my list.
I might never use all this thread, but if I need it, I'll have it!

This was a fun photo, no color needed.

I hope your Saturday was colorful!


Janet O. said...

At first glance, before reading your post, I thought you were sharing some vintage photos. Looks like a fun day and I love the drainspout/watering can.
Luscious thread!

Dawn said...

My Saturday was very colorful - thank you for sharing yours. I was out and about enjoying some antique shops and estate sales.
Fun thread colors!

liz said...

My Saturday was so long ago I don't remember it. Not joking! I do love the drainpipe photo. That is a classic.

Lori said...

Looks like fun!