Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Retirement Plan

I know, retirement is 15 years, 3 months and 11 10 days away for me, (not that I'm counting) but it's not something I ignore.  Health, finances, and activities are the three main objectives for my retirement plan.  I now have the activities lined up thanks to these three new books.
The photos and research in this book is fabulous, I've been reading it before I turn out the lights every night this week. 

Since I have a few years B.R.(before retirement) I can practice all kinds of drawings. I do not consider myself to be creative, but I'm a really good copier. If someone leads, I can follow along. When I started longarm quilting, Pam Clarke opened my eyes to design. It truly is A to B to C to D. Connect the dots and you will have beautiful designs. When broken down like this, most designs are very mathematical and this works for me.

 This last book shows, step by step, how to create paisleys, spirals, hearts etc all using specific calculations.  This makes it easier to get consistant designs.  Freehand with guidelines, now that works for me!

I've been drooling over admiring all the hand quilting that Pippa has shown on her blog Welsh Quilts.  I love the history she provides, to me this makes the pieces even more appealing.  Amish quilts, hand quilting, working with solids, and appliquing with civil war fabrics have all moved to the forefront of my quilting.

Between these three books, I've got great design elements, the history behind many of the quilts and quilters, eye candy to inspire, and the instructions on how to execute these amazing designs.  Plenty to keep my busy through my retirement years!  A spool of thread, a few needles and a thimble and I'll happily stitch the day away.


Kate said...

All those books rank very highly in my list of favourites too... the thought of quilting with no seams to struggle over is very seductive isn't it? I think a Welsh style wholecloth needs to be on every hand quilters bucket list.

Lori said...

Wonderful!! What beautiful quilting and a terrific way to spend your retirement!! (when you get there, of course)LOL

Janet O. said...

Are you of Welsh descent?
Some great looking books. Is this your retirement savings plan? : )

Kathie said...

great books! and yes Pippa is such an inspiration.
you can start with doll quilts !

taylorsoutback said...

Wow! With my Welsh roots (Dad's family) I have always been interested in Welsh quilts and have followed Pippa for some time.

I just can't keep up with all the quilting books on my wish list...these are definitely there! They look fabulous.

BTW - be prepared for will wonder how you ever got things accomplished when you were working...our retirement started in 2005 and the days are never long enough now...Boredom? Not in our vocabulary and I bet not in yours either! Happy planning!!

liz said...

Those whole cloth quilts are really something to aspire to. Looks like you have every thing ready for your big day.

Drew Harrison said...

That’s an incredible way for you to spend your retirement. You sure have this burning passion for quilt designing and you’re making the most of it as part of your retirement plan. Who knows it might get you far and the idea of you starting up a quilt business would sound great! Good luck with your retirement and everything then! ;)

Cara Larose said...

It is good that you’ve already set an objective for your retirement, even though it is still far away. Quilting can be a good activity when you retire. It can help keep your mind sharp and creative, which is very helpful in fighting off age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s. Good luck with your great retirement plan!