Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scrappy Red, White, and Pink

This is the perfect girly girl quilt. It will certainly brighten up someones day every time they look at this. My gal pal M did the piecing, and I couldn't resist putting hearts all over this one.

This was made with jelly rolls but I don't know what the pattern name is or where it came from. Sorry!
Flannel on the back always makes a quilt a little more snuggly.
So here is the beginning of the end, yes, it's border #4 for my BTCT. I'm not quite finished #3, but wanted to see how the initial thing would look. I'm pretty happy with it. I'll add flowers, vines, cherries and leaves to either side and then it will be all appliqued. I still have the embroidery of the cherry stems to do on #3 as well as a few more leaves, cherries and grapes. Closing ceremonies of the Olympics will take care of that last bit of applique.
So I figure I was going to be able to put shoes on at some point this week. You know, the broken baby toe on my left foot. Not so fast..........
Yup, I broke my baby toe on my RIGHT foot today. Good grief, I've been wearing sandals for the past 45 days and today I just clipped the wheel of the shopping cart as I was loading my car at the grocery store. Well, this up side is that we should still have 6 more weeks of nice weather.
Hope you all had an eventful weekend!


Janet O. said...

That is a very fun girly quilt. I like the hearts and swirls you have quilted on it.
Oh, no. Not another broken toe! Are you just lucky, or what? I'm so sorry. Broken toes hurt and there isn't much they can do for you.

Sharon said...

Oowie! Your poor tootsies! I'm so sorry to hear you broke your other little toe. I just cringed when I saw your photo. (I've broken both of my big toes, so I know how much that hurts.) Like you said, at least it's sandal weather lately! But maybe you should be wearing steel-toed boots!

Love the girly quilt, and the quilting is perfect for it. What a cute, happy quilt!

Lori said...

I hope you got quite a lot done during the closing ceremonies!!
Cute quilt and quilting.

So sorry about your toe.(s)!!

Linda O said...

Ouch!! Poor little toe! Like you said, at least it's still sandal weather. Lovely girly quilt - perfect quilting for it.

Mimi said...

Gee, I have never heard that broken baby toes can predict the weather! I know those things hurt. Glad you get to wear sandals while it heals It could be sub zero weather. Can't wait to see your BTCT borders, too. ;)

Louise said...

Geez Louise, Sharon...what are you trying to accomplish
Here with the toes? So sorry about the new owie..when I get back perhaps the museum in Bellingham?? I like the sweet little quilt..reminds me of Valentine's day..try to stay out of trouble next week will you please??

Aunt 'Reen said...

Such a sweet and cheerful quilt! LOVE IT! Looking forward to seeing that border finish for your BTCT's.
So sorry to hear about your broken toe - YIKES! Hope it heals quickly.