Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11th Already

Happy New Year

Yes, I feel like a pathetic blogger/quilter and for someone who is unemployed, it's even sadder.  All the time in the world and not getting organized.  Oh well, this too shall pass.  I truly believe busy people get more done and having a job keeps me on a schedule that I like.  I continue to apply and interview and I'm confident that the right opportunity will present itself.  In the meantime........

I have been working on all my own projects and have made some headway in the clean up of the sewing room.  My Sisters Choice is 35% bound and I continue to take a few stitches at a time.  With all the football this weekend, I'm confident it will be completed before bedtime on Sunday.
 There ended up being 81 blocks set on point and the finished quilt is approx 100 x 100.  I chose to bind it with scrappy blacks, I really thought it needed a frame to finish it off.  All the shirtings were swapped out as well, so the variety of them is fabulous.  Quilts made from swaps have the potential to be amazing.   This will be taken to Arizona and go on  the spare bed at my fathers winter home.  I've claimed it as my room, as I'm  the one who visits the most often.
The center 9 patch blocks were from an online swap and the variety of color and print is amazing in this piece.  I absolutely LOVE this quilt and I'm glad the final home for it is where I can enjoy it for a few days per year.  It might just spend a few nights on my bed at home before it travels south.
With a busy top and lots of seams, an all over texture is the perfect pattern for this.  The original plan was to hand quilt it, but I think that's my plan on all my tops! *insert belly laugh here*

If you are a football fan and your team is still in the hunt, I wish you tv time and lots of luck this weekend!
I will be stitching and cheering on the Seahawks!


Janet O. said...

Wow--what a wonderful quilt. I don't know if I've seen Sister's Choice on point before. Very fun twist to the design. That is nice to know that you will be able to visit this quilt on occasion. : )

Karen said...

I like seeing your Sister's Choice quilt. So scrappy good.

Mimi said...

I agree....being on a schedule, I get a whole lot more done. Even my mom says if you want something done, ask a busy person. Your quilt is beautiful. I don't know that I would have thought of adding the points to the 9-patch, but it is beautiful. Love the scrappy look, the background, the scrapping binding and the quilting. Not that you need a reason to visit your dad, but this sure will make your room feel like home. Great job! Speaking of which, good luck on the search.

Lori said...

And the Seahawks pulled through! It was a great day for sewing as will today.
Love this quilt!!!

Brandie said...

What a gorgeous finish. Now don't make me a liar, you better finih that binding tonight!
Good luck with your team!

Sharon said...

Wow, what a gorgeous quilt! Congrats on the finish! I think you should definitely use it at your house a little bit before it goes off to AZ. You've earned it!

Good luck with the job hunt! It can be hard to maintain a schedule when you're not working. But if you're busy doing things and having fun, you're excused from blogging! hee hee!

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Yes my dear, it's already the 12th of January. I've not blogged either. Seems one can get out of the habit of it r-e-a-l quick. I have lots I could blog about but the words are not there, or I can't get 'the order' of the words right…..sigh….

L-O-V-E your Sisters Choice, oh dear, I would really like to do one sometime!

AND I would REALLY like to do the Benjamin Biggs quilt that Sentimental Stitches is doing. Swoon Swoon over that one. What's one more project on the pile?!

Good luck with the job hunting!!