Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Fair

The NW Washington Fair has come and gone, but I just realized I did not post any photos. I shall let the pictures do the talking. It seemed that there were fewer quilts this year, yet I was told the numbers were about the same. Maybe there were less large pieces? Certainly a lot of artsy pieces, which I always enjoy seeing.

Congratulations to all the ribbons winners, and to all how took the time to enter their work into the fair. The Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver BC was a huge part of my summers when I was a teenager. I showed my beef animals through 4-H every year and we spent a week living in dorms across the street from the venue and showed and sold our animals. It's important for me to continue to support local fairs, they are a fabulous place for a lot of life lessons.



Janet O. said...

Some made me smile, some made me think, "WOW". Fun to see them all.
I grew up with the sewing/cooking side of 4-H and made sure my kids were involved in their youth. Though we didn't do animals, we were very involved every summer for well over 12 years. It is a good program.

Mimi said...

Thank you for sharing. I always love looking at all the beautiful work that others are doing.