Saturday, December 13, 2014

It's Beginning to Look.......

A lot like Christmas around here.  We had a blast of snow, then a few days of cold (for us) weather and now we have the Pineapple Express bringing high, warm winds and rain.  The tide is also high and being right on the ocean had been fabulous with this weather.  I know we are far enough back to not get flooded or damaged, but to see the force of Mother Nature has been fascinating.

The tree is up.

My Christmas sampler is hung on the wall.  I love this piece.  It's a bit askew, but I pull it out every year and enjoy it.

The carolers are out, ready to sing their songs of the season. Every year I add a few new cd's to my Christmas collection of music. This year Faith Hill made the cut, along with Alabama. It's a hard choice when there are so many good cd's to pick from.

Stockings were made by my dear friend LP.  She gifted them to Tim and I last new years and this will be the first year to stuff the toes.  Our initials are stitched on and they are hung by the chimney with care.

Baskets of poinsettias adorn the table, along with some pine scented PartyLite candles.  I think I should have shares in that company.  Their candles are the best.

The little led lights along the window sill add a bit more charm to the décor, without being over the top. We keep it mostly contained to this one room, and enjoy the lights and candles every night.

And if you don't have room for a big tree and lots of decorations, how about making a glitzy tree like this one. Can you believe this? I think it's fabulous. Isabel brought this to the monthly tea party at Fabric Etc. this December. A tree from all her old vintage rhinestones and pearls. She's had holes drilled in from the back and clear mini lights adorn her tree. it's set on black velvet.  Simply stunning!

While you partake in the hustle and bustle of the season, I shall be soaking up some sun ........



Janet O. said...

Looks like a very festive, and very inviting room.
Enjoy your sunshine. : )
We are just getting the remnants of the west coast storms.

Lori said...

What a fun living room! Are you going to Hawaii??

Karen said...

I have often wished I had carolers similar to what you have. Just never have done anything about it.

Mimi said...

Heaven! Merry Christmas, Sharon

Nifty Quilts said...

So many beautiful Christmassy things! I'm especially fond of your sampler quilt. Have fun in the sun!!