Thursday, January 28, 2016

Empty Bobbins

It was retreat time with my gal pal. We've packed and talked about projects for a week in advance of going away for two glorious days with nothing but sewing, chatting, and snacking all day and into the evening. As we pulled up to our retreat room, we could see there were people in there, and after a gasp and confirmation that we had the right day, we found out the room had been double booked. But not to worry, those quilter's were busy at the cutting tables, and we couldn't get our blocks out and up on the design wall fast enough.

Here is the first project. I decided on the same setting as I've used before. Blocks are all stacked and pinned and ready to go together in my sewing room.

Next up was a few blocks of pink and brown. I've kicked around a few ideas for these and just left them up so I could see them and ponder.

I just soaked up the look of side by side,

Pondered using a setting square to break up the piecing,

And got busy on my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, Carolina Christmas from 2009.  I got the 1/2 square triangles all put together, only 104 of them needed.

and had these blocks finished a few years ago,

and then got these little cream and red 4 patches all together.  They are SO cute.

Took a break from sewing and organized all the star blocks.  I wanted to make sure I didn't repeat any prints in the 4 patch that comes together in the center.

I put a few blocks up on the wall.  All the green sections were pieced in previous sewing sessions.  It's looking good!

I've kept all the instructions for every section.  It's all been contained in one box.  The reason for making this quilt was to become more proficient using the EA ruler.  I fell in love with it, and have used it so many more times since I cut for this project.

I got back at the machine, and started joining the green section to the red/cream sections.  See, sample sitting right beside my machine so I don't turn them wrong when piecing.  Look at that pile of chain piecing!

And then when pressing, I realized I HAD turned the block and got the wrong orientation.  All the left pile of blocks need to go to rehab...........

So I packed everything back into it's traveling suitcase, the bad blocks have their own special place; in a zip lock bag with a seam ripper for company. Then I closed it all up and called it finished................ for now.

To be continued.....

Hope you got to stitch this week, we are so blessed to be part of this amazing community of quilters.


Tanya Quilts in CO said...

Your Pineapple quilt is gorgeous! I have wanted to make one myself. Did you use 2 inch or 2.5 inch strips? Bonnie gave measurements for both. Thanks!

nestki said...

That's sewing! — as I always, always say. Thank you for including every bit of your progress even when you have to get out Jack the Ripper. It makes me feel normal, although I will never be your equal in accomplishment. I love what you do; thank you for sharing on your blog.

Janet O. said...

Wow, you came well prepared to sew up a storm!
Hope you and the extra quilters weren't tripping over each other.
How frustrating when you get parts turned the wrong way and just keep sewing them that way. Been there--done that.

Mimi said...

Did you eat and chat? You really got a lot accomplished for a couple of days. I look forward to those days soon. As usual, love everything you are working on.

giraffe said...

What you did get done, looks great!! The rest can be frogged out at home. As long as you were with a friend, had a good time and laughed a lot, you had a successful retreat. Thanks for sharing .
Will remember your blog, when this happens to me AGAIN!

Vic in NH said...

That's a really pretty Carolina Christmas of yours and I'm so glad that you saw the correction now. I had one block sewn wrong that I never caught to make it right, LOL! Now it's in the quilt as my humility block.

Lori said...

Db Booked?! Aack!! How did that work out?
So great having that big wall. Bummer about that sewing mistake. The stack doesn't look too large.

Me and My Stitches said...

Were you able to make new quilty friends because of the double booking error? Hope so! Looks like you had lots of fun stuff to work on. Sorry about the unsewing in your future - I hate when that happens!

Barb said...

great projects - aren't retreat the best?
I like your pink hour glass blocks.
your pineapple setting is really dynamic