Monday, February 1, 2016

Retreat Wrap Up

After putting away my Carolina Christmas, :-( I pulled out my next project. I had the 2 1/2" strips all precut and the mock up of the layout pre done. Strips were just in a pile, so I did the sorting and sewing of the strata's.  I stitched up the first blade of the star, and it went together so quickly, I realized I could get all the blades done before closing time. 

OK I have no idea why I see a little picture beside the big one????
Usually when making a lonestar, I baste along all the seams where they intersect, take it out from the machine and check every seam to see how far off I am and re adjust for the second sew.  This time I used my good judgment, pinned at each seam, told myself this was not for show, and stitched a permanent seam.  First blade looked good so I started the chain piecing!  Brave, I know, considering the last experience I had!

And here are all the blades together.  I put the top half in one direction and the bottom have the opposite direction.  I anticipated the top layout would be my final decision.  The reason for that is that the non batik teal green would be a bit dull as the full circle.  I thought the movement of the batik would be far more interesting as the ring.  Plus I thought the printed light was better in the center.  More interesting.

And here is the final layout.  Nope, I didn't even start to sew the blades together, that would be for another day.  Got it all packed up in a box and moved on.  Still time before we packed up.

Last under the needle, the pink and brown hourglass blocks.  These are from a long ago swap and I like the secondary pinwheel that shows up when I use the darker blown.  Again, I must pay attention to the orientation.  I stitched together a few locks, and laid them out on the bolt of fabric that was the same that I had cut for the alternating plain block.  I like this zigzag look and the 4 patch on point. 

I have a few more in this box to sew together........

And  few more piled by my machine.....

And since I felt I had a great plan for these blocks, and it was now 11:30 pm, I called it a day. A long one, a very productive one, and one that will stay with me for some time.

There is nothing better than sewing with another amazing woman. My gal pal, she just lets me ramble, we chatted about nothing and everything, we drank a lot of coffee and we planned a lot more quilts. We are already looking forward to our time together in the fall. But in the meantime, I committed to showing up at her studio and purge for her. It's always easier when someone else is there who has no attachment to your stuff.

Keep stitching, and can you believe it's February???


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Ohh that star quilt is amazing--you were putting the petal to the metal and look what you got accomplished

Karen said...

The diamonds are not the easiest to stitch and have points all around where they should be. You did well.

Janet O. said...

Beautiful star--excellent choice to have the teal batik form the circle. Makes the whole thing radiant! I have dreams of making a lone star one day.
You really did use your time well. Love those little pink/brown blocks. : )

Kyle said...

Love your lone star but those simple pink and brown hourglass blocks just speak to me. Gal pals are the best. Sounds like you had an awesome time together and productive too.

Mimi said...

No, I can't believe it is February, but I am looking forward to it. Your projects are motivating me. I have definitely needed motivation. Love your projects.

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Lori said...

Nice work! The star looks amazing and I love brown and pink quilts! Perfect!!

Linda O said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and you sure accomplished a lot! Beautiful star, and I loved seeing the process. Your pink/brown will be wonderful! The background fabric you chose is perfect!