Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Doing it Right

Because I am a registered business with a license and I charge sales tax to my customers, I must do this once a year. Yup, I hand over every penny I collect to the state of WA. I'm not sure what happens to this money, just know it's what I have to do.

Because I have this business, I get the pleasure of working on quilts like this one. Can you say Fabulous? This is a Pam Bono pattern, Flowers in the Cabin.

Quilt measures 88 x 102. How many pieces are in each block?  Not even going to guess, I just know there are a lot of strips and squares of different widths and lengths and only the most organized quilter could keep this all straight.

That little pink square in the center is part of the sashing that just blends into the blocks.  The piecer, NT, did not want feathers, but liked the idea of wreaths of leaves.  Of course, stitch in the ditch was also a big part of the machine quilting.

I think this was a great choice and I just can't get enough of this quilt.  Leaves were quilted into the brown border as well.

French General for the back........ so nice.

This is such an fabulous pattern and one I have never seen made up.  If you have it, go for it, the results are beautiful.

It will be worth your time and effort, sorry for over posting pictures, but seriously, I L-O-V-E this piece and I'm so glad it's going on my friends bed so she will enjoy it for many nights.

Yup, this is the reason we don't by a 'bed in a bag' We make our own and this is why.

Keep stitching,


Rae said...

It is a very beautiful quilt.And a wonderful way to remember Pam Bono, who died in such a tragic way.The quilting makes it more lovely.Great work.

Mimi said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful. I love your quilting on it, too. Did you use a different color thread on top than you did on the bottom?

Louise said...

Sharon, you have done an outstanding job once again. I never tire of seeing your work!!

Lori said...

Your quilting is absolutely beautiful!!

Linda O said...

Lovely quilt, and your quilting is absolutely stunning!

Janet O. said...

Wonderful work on this quilt, Sharon. The whole effect is stunning!
Doing the annual taxes is a big reason as to why I gave up my soapmaking business. Love creating--don't take to bookkeeping! : )

Me and My Stitches said...

I really love everything about this quilt - the pattern, the fabric and of course your quilting is just perfect. I think of Pam Bono often - she was a customer and we had many conversations and some fun things in the works. Such a tragedy and loss for the quilting community.

Nancy said...

Your quilting really adds to the quilt. Beautiful work Sharon.