Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Seeing Stars

Apparently blogging on a regular schedule has not been a strong point of mine.  Life is busy, I let things get away from me and then, wham, it's coming up on Memorial Day and I still don't have the boxes unpacked in my new place.

However, I have been unpacking bags and boxes and drawers in the studio one at a time and have actually been dealing with the contents.  This is the latest bag to be dumped on my cutting table.  Left overs from 3 - 4 years ago.

Perfect for some liberated stars that were in the works.  I found patches of "made" fabric, background squares cut up in several sizes and I got to work.

Since I don't have ANY grey or yellow in my bins that can work in, I opted to add in a few solids of different yellows.

I needed some more white on whites, and my fabric bin did not let me down in this dept.  Now I have a mix of blocks that finish at 4", 6", 9" and 12"  I can see I have to make a few more blocks in order to put this puzzle together.  The best part is that I love making this block, and I needed a bit of sunshine in the long stretch of rain that we've had.

I have also jumped into the "star a day" but mine will be called the "star a week" project.  After marking and cutting them, I still need an hour to do the hand piecing for each block.  This was my take along project on a last minute trip my guy booked for us.  We just came back from a 7 day Alaskan cruise, and this was the sum total of my down time.  4 blocks..

And I'm still picking away at an EPP stars project.  I need 100 stars and I've picked out my background.  I need 200 diamonds prepped in that fabric. 

Here are my bundles of 5, I have a total of 75 stars so I really need to get on the task of making background diamonds.  If not, 200 diamonds in one fabric is going to become tedious in a hurry.

And yes, I'm back at my longarm machine, getting customer quilts finished up for the next phase; bindings, labels, and sleeves.   Here is the back of a commissioned piece.  The top was pieced from her fathers Hawaiian shirts.  It too, needs binding and a label before it goes to it's new home.

Spring has finally arrived this past weekend, it's been long overdue here in the PNW.  We were starting to forget what the sun looked like.  My house has closed, everything has been moved, (but not unpacked or put away or hung up), but I'm at the beach, life is good, and I've got several irons in the fire on any given day!

I will post about my cruise later this weekend.

Keep stitching,


Sharon said...

I love your grey and yellow stars! They remind me of the sunbreaks that the PNW is famous for. Very appropriate for this Spring! I hope the rain is mostly done now. I think we're all ready for some warm sunny days.

Your handwork is so pretty, and such a great take-along on your travels and adventures. Good luck on prepping all those diamonds!

Janet O. said...

You may not have been blogging, but you haven't been idle!
Great liberated stars. That will be a fun quilt.
An Alaskan Cruise sounds wonderful. I am impressed that you got any stars made.
Not being a great EPPer, your project of EPP stars leaves me shaking in my shoes. It will be amazing!

Mimi said...

I love all your stars! What fun those yellow and grays ones are. As always, everything you do is great. You definitely sound like you have a lot of irons in the fire. Take it easy.

Louise said...

Love your liberated stars you posted here....especially the stripes..you sound as busy as ever producing wonderful things!
Atta' girl...

Kyle said...

We're all seeing awesome stars in your post today.

Nifty Quilts said...

Fun star projects! Glad your house has closed and that the move is underway. Enjoy the unpacking!

Lori said...

Considering all that's been happening in your world, you are still getting a lot done!