Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Vitamin C Zig Zags

This was such a fun and fabulous quilt to quilt.  I connected with this quilter through Lori at Humble Quilts.  It's great to have my quilting showcased on other blogs, and it resulted in me getting to work on this beauty. 

Thread, something so simple, something that turns a sheet of pieced fabric into a quilt.  Oh how I love to see the transformation.

She loved the feathers I did on Lori's quilt so I figured when I got her top, feathers were on her mind.

And with all this open space with solid orange, what long arm quilter could resist filling it all up with feathers!

She pieced the back so there were places with a lighter print fabric to show the quilting.

I loved how the zig zag shows up on this light fabric.  The colors and fabrics were the star of this quilt, so I kept the quilting on the 1/2 square triangles simple.  Curves and loops were used on the pieced sections.

Oh, how I love how this one turned out.  Using the piecer's talents to be my guide, it doesn't get better than this. 

OK, I know, enough photos of the back.  But I really do love how the quilting showed up on the section of light fabric.

In case you are wondering, this quilt was approx. 100" x 110".  Yes, it is big!

I used Hobbs 80/20 and So Fine thread.  I debated moving away from the orange/red thread when doing the 1/2 square tri's, but since it was a riot of color, nothing would blend into everything, and I was very pleased with how the same thread worked on this whole quilt.

Click on the photos for close ups of her color/fabric choices. It is always a delight for me to get up close and personal with other peoples color/print choices. It expands my view;  gives me more confidence when doing my own work.

It was a pleasure to quilt this piece. It was so bright and cheerful to walk into my studio and see this.
How could you not smile when seeing this quilt. I hope your quilts make you smile!
Keep stitching,


Lori said...

I love it Sharon! You did an amazing job on a terrific quilt!

Janet O. said...

Your quilting was perfect for this quilt! You nailed it.
Love seeing the shots of the back. Can never have too many of those. :)

Mimi said...

It's a beautiful quilt and you made it even better. Your quilting is fabulous. I would have a hard time giving that one back for sure.

Louise said...

Absolutely wonderful quilt. Kudos to the piecer and you the quilter Sharon.
You are sew right the fabrics at close view really show all of her great prints.
Good job both of you.☺️

Karen said...

I can see why it is called Vitamin C. Your quilting complements the quilt very much.

Roxanne said...

Sharon’s quilting is even more amazing in person! It gives this quilt such sparkle and personality. I love feather quilting and her feather medley is perfect for this modern quilt. My only wish is that I’d used more of the light fabric on the backing! Thank you, Sharon, for your skill and artistry—it’s a pleasure to work with you!

liz said...

Well, that IS a stunning quilt. It's something I would cherish.