Monday, January 29, 2018

Baby BowTies

This has got to be one of the cutest baby quilts I've seen.  Bow Ties; such a classic pattern! This one has been updated with an extra block added to the sashing. Sorry, I don't have the pattern designer name. This was a customer quilt sent to me from RH on the east coast.

I adore her color choices. These greys just allow the colors to pop and really show off the pattern.

Simple blocks with great fabric = a great quilt.

There are a ton of patterns out on the market. We need to support our designers, (i'm a budding pattern designer) but don't overlook a good solid classic block pattern.  A little twist here and there and you can make your own great designs.

And quilt backs! Oh how I love quilt backs that show up the secondary designs placed on the quilt by the quilter. As a longarm quilter, I believe my job is to make the piecer's work shine. I'm not to overshadow it. But the backs belong to the quilter!

Call me a show off, but I do love a good back!

Keep stitching, and I'll keep quilting!


Janet O. said...

Those connecting blocks in the sashing are a very clever touch.
I love seeing the back of a quilt.Thanks for those photos!
I recall in my early days of machine quilting I took a class from Karen McTavish and she said something similar about respecting the piecing when you quilt, and work to enhance it, not overpower it.

Barb said...

These looks like my swap blocks from 2015 Modern Swap. We swapped brights with greys. Love how she set them!

Kyle said...

A classic block with a modern twist. I was thinking too that they were from Barb's swap.

Roxanne said...

They absolutely are from Barb’s great swap! It was fun to finish this flimsy but it stayed that way for too long. Finally sent it to Sharon and she quilted it beautifully!

Nifty Quilts said...

Beautiful quilting for a lively quilt!