Thursday, June 7, 2018

Embroidery Kit Quilt

My customer KB emailed me saying a quilt was on it's way, and it was embroidered roses. I had no idea what that meant and was so surprised to see this beauty come out of the box. I've quilted a Sue Spargo for her recently, so my mind was going towards heavy thread roses, bright colors, maybe some wool. This top was given to her many years ago, and now that retirement has arrived, KB is getting time to clean out her sewing area. I'm pretty sure I don't have something like this hidden away.
Hobbs Wool was used and a slightly off white thread. The goal was to tone down the "pinkness" of the quilt. It has been hand embroidered and I would guess that there were two stitchers. Some blocks have a slightly different thread weight/color.

The single feather wreath set so nicely in these blocks and a background fill of swirls and leaves completed this piece.

An old top gets a new life, I like it! The lesson here is Get Your Tops Quilted.

So go through your pile of tops, and it you truly do not want to send some out, or do them yourself, donate them now. There are so many organizations that would love to turn your unwanted top into a quilt and put it to good use!

Keep stitching,


Karrin Hurd said...

Beautiful quilt!

Karen said...

Roses are my favorite flower. How pretty this pink embroidery quilt is. I recently purchased a vintage kit...embroidery....but don't know when I would be able to find time to stitch it. I was wondering if the embroidery floss would give a machine quilter any problems with the needle mechanism catching on thread and pulling it.