Sunday, January 13, 2019

New Book - Welsh Quilting Design

Welsh Quilting Design by Sandie Lush  will be an excellent addition to any quilters library.  I have to admit,  I keep saying that making a Welsh quilt will be my retirement project.   I purchase any books that look good and this one is FANTASTIC!

Sandie wrote this from the perspective of history, not so much as a "learn to hand quilt".  The designs and photos are simply incredible.   It starts out with basic motifs and takes the reader on a step by step process to create amazing designs.  She adds in grid layouts, borders, background fillers and so much more.

I am sharing a very small amount of this book.  It's packed with amazing designs, layouts, step by step samples of creating complete quilts. Your finished layout can be a basic motif repeated across the quilt top, or complex with a multitude of ideas and designs.

There are several full quilt designs.  I highly recommend this for any hand quilt enthusiast.  The ideas go on and on.  Every page brings something new and interesting.

I do hope you will go online and purchase this book.  Yes, online.  She has self published this book so she was able to maintain complete control over the content.  It's a must have for any quilter.

Keep stitching,


Lynn S said...

Thank you so much for sharing this new publication. I've always wanted to take a class from Sandie. I know I will love her book!

Janet O. said...

Gorgeous designs!
I hand quilt--but not like that! Wow!!

Pat said...

Looks like a must have book - have added it to my birthday wish list! Thank you for sharing. (Hoping to visit Jen Jones shop in Wales later this year...Welsh quilt heaven)

Nifty Quilts said...

Looks like a great book!