Friday, June 7, 2019

Coming Up for Air

YES, I'm still quilting, YES, I'm still taking on customer quilts. YES, I'm still available for trunk shows and teaching, but..........

The universe has a way of keeping us on our toes. This spring my phone rang, it was a woman I've known for many years.  We've worked together, I've worked for her.  Out of the blue, an opportunity came my way and it has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined.  Because of this phone call, I've dipped my feet in the Sea of Thailand.

I gathered with others in the early hour of a new day in Hau Hin

I've captured the sunrise of the new day.

 I met an amazing woman who has created beautiful things in Thailand.

You can experience her daily life by staying at her Bed and Breakfast.

I toured a temple in Bangkok.  Wad Po

I experienced all this during a heat wave in Thailand.

Quilting motifs everywhere.

And to add to all this excitement, I've been on TV!

I'm working with my friend as a brand ambassador for an amazing collection of jewelry called Zsiska.  I'll be flying back to Toronto for a summer show on July 30th.  You can catch me on cable tv in Canada on Todays Shopping Choice and in the US it is available at 

All this because back in 1992 I was a 3 line ad in the Vancouver Sun under the Help Wanted column.  You never know what tomorrow will bring, keep an open mind and a current passport handy!

p.s.  Since coming home, I spent 45 hours quilting ONE quilt.  The biggest job since getting my longarm.  It's under wraps but I will be able to share photos this fall.  My quilting line up is about 3 weeks out, so if you have tops that need to become quilts, please consider my services!

Keep stitching,


Unknown said...

This is so awesome Sharon!!! Good for you. You are right - you never know what the future will hold and you have an amazing future ahead! Congratulations xoxoxo Robin

Janet O. said...

My brother and my niece and her family have all lived in Thailand at one time or another. (In fact, my niece's family lived in Phuket when the tsunami hit back in 2004.)
What a wonderful opportunity for you! Your photos are great!
Curious about your secret project.

Karen said...

Thailand! Such an interesting happening. I enjoyed reading about it. How will you find time for custom quiltng and traveling?

Taryn said...

I have the same question as Karen. I love to travel but can’t find a way to travel and be productive in quilting. Congratulations on your new opportunity! It sounds so interesting.

Mimi said...

Your life has been pretty exciting since we met online a few years ago. So happy for you.

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