Saturday, May 2, 2020

May Day

When we were in elementary school we used to have a May Day celebration.  Right now those words seem more like the distress signal a captain would use.  Here in WA we got our "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" orders extended to May 31 with a slow roll of openings.  There is a 4 stage plan that takes us into July!  As we all are anxious to get 'back' to our daily lives, here are a couple of quilt backs.

My work quilting has essentially been at a stand still.  Each of us has made different decisions based on our own personal situation.  For me, I have been very strict with our movements, prior to our government asking us to stay home.  Having quilters drive to my place for a non essential item just didn't sit with me as I too, was not going anywhere non essential.  No judgement on how each of us has handled this unprecedented time in the world.  I was ok with my decision and that's what was important.  However, I can't wait for the CA/US border to open up so I can go visit my Dad

My studio will be back open for customers once we can start moving around outside our close circle of family/neighbors.  I've got a list started so if you'd like me to quilt something that you've finished in this "stay at home" time, please shoot me an email or a text.

Feathers, straight lines, all over designs.  Whatever your quilt top requires, I can handle it.  I'm still stocking Hobbs 80/20 and Hobbs Tuscany Wool and have added the Hobbs 80/20 Wool/Cotton along with a roll of Thermore. (great for runners and wall hangings)

Stay safe, stay healthy, and when things start to open up again, and we find our new normal, take it at your own pace.  We all have our own internal guidance that we can follow. I hope you have been taking care of more than housework.  As for me, my house looks the same, OK, it's dustier!  This new housekeeper we have isn't very good at keeping up with cleaning, she's rather be stitching.

and where the heck did April go?  It's like "poof" and now it's May???
Be kind to yourself, 

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Pat said...

Gorgeous textures with your quilting...really like the close up image of swirls. Hope you can soon cross the borders to visit your Dad - but for now, being cautious and staying with restrictions that are in place are important. Take care.