Friday, May 29, 2020

String Flowers Revisited

String Flowers started to come together in a Gwen Marston workshop and ended up being published in American Patchwork and Quilting.  This class was titled as Strings, so I didn't bother to read any the the class supply/info list and showed up with my string patches, an idea and Gwens String book.  I knew Gwen would give me "hands on" instructions/inspiration, and I couldn't wait to get started. With her guidance this was the end result.  This version was hand appliqued and hand and machine quilted.

None of the string petals are stitched to a foundation.  I strung together enough fabric to cut out my petal shape and appliqued them down.  If you look closely, you will notice I cobbled together different greens for the leaves. The stems are all going in different directions, the leaves placed in various positions. The fun of working this way is that you don't make 4 identical blocks, but you make something that is creative, and uniquely your own design.

It turned out that the class required yardage! Oh well, I was able to make a few sample blocks to take home and play around with the class technique.  I ended up using the class technique that Gwen taught as the outer border for this second color version.

Here is my second version that was machine appliqued.  I also faced this piece. Instead of appliqued leaves, I used a 12 wt thread matching the stem and did some big stitch embellishment.  Notice that I machine quilted right over the big stitch.  The stems were machine stitched along the edge while the petals were machine sewn with a blanket stitch. The flower petals were hand quilted to add a bit more texture.

I tried out some new to me tape.  3M Scotch brand green tape for ROUGH SURFACES.  It's a painters tape, but I was able to stick quilts to a concrete wall and the side of our condo.   I tucked this in behind a blooming rhododendron. It was vibrating with so many bumble bees buzzing in and out of each blossom.

So many bees that it was quite easy to get this photo.

The link to another version and the pattern is at the beginning of this post. Here is APQ's second colorway that they showed.

So get buzzing and string a few patches together to create your own string flower garden. There are no rules, just guidelines and ideas when working with strings. If you string your favorite fabrics together, cut shapes you like, then the quilt will be your unique creation. Just have fun.
Keep stitching,


Karen said...

Love your little quilts, Sharon! Using strings to make the flowers looks like a lot of fun. I will have to try that out! Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

julieQ said...

I love your string quilts, and flowers always touch my heart...a perfect combination!

dortha said...

I love this quilt and the string quilt you made with orange and red to block in the strings. Very pretty.

Cathy said...

I love all three. I can't pick my favorite as they are all so beautiful. Hugs

Karen said...

I am wondering if the string pieced flower petals create any problem for applique. What I am envisioning is that the seams might loosen when the shape is cut out. Do you stitch the strings with a shorter stitch length?

Both of your quilts are good ones. I like the stems going in different directions. It gives movement to the piece. I need to try something like this. I usually give away my string type leftovers but need to keep them for myself for a while.

Kyle said...

Wow! I love all the versions, but I think my favorite is the cheddar background. I was wondering about the same thing as Karen's question about the seams and appliqueing the flowers.

Janet O. said...

So many fun and happy ways to apply this pattern. I really like your versions! They are so creative--the scrappy one amazes me, and though pink is not usually my favorite color, I really LOVE the pink one!

Barb said...

Love this quilt in both of your versions.
Love the playful strings on the pink version.
Gorgeous photo with the flowering azalea

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh that cheddar just sings! What a fabulous little quilt. Gwen would be proud indeed! I love the second version as well.

audrey said...

Both of these are great looking quilts. I adore tulip quilts and stringy ones are especially wonderful. Love the fact that all the blocks on the cheddar one are slightly different!:)

Diane said...

I love both versions so much, they couldn't be more different, or more delightful! What fun way to use the same technique for such opposite results. Make me want to start one of my own.

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