Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can it be any bigger?

There is no greater joy than when I introduce someone to quilting they take to it like a dog to a bone. But who would have thought this would have been her first quilt? My dear boss started this top in the beginning of Feb, the same time as me. I explained how my Log Cabin quilt would be a two year project as there were a lot of strips to cut and I would work on it in between other projects. I have 20 blocks made during a run of sleepless nights a few weeks ago. Here is her progress.

Little did I know her Log Cabin would be a two month project. Every day she left work and went home and sewed. After we worked on the 1/4 " seam allowance, there was not stopping her. 110 x 110 finished, amazing!

She has named this quilt "Awesome" and I couldn't agree more with her. Here is a close up of the quilting. Debbie is from Hawaii, so she chose Hibiscus as the design. Now she is putting on black binding, plotting her next project and building up her "resourse room". I have explained one can never have enough "resources"!

Just to end with a "too cute" pic. Here are the kittens we have been looking after at work. The Momma cat was a stray and she got preggers before we could fix her. So the shop guys built a cat house where she could be safe. We are adopting out the kittens, taking up an office pool to pay for the fixing of Momma cat, aka Chim.

Sew cute!


Donnelly said...

Wow! Your bosses quilt is lovely, how awesome that you could show her how to do it! I love the cat and her babies, wish I lived closer, I might sign up for one of the little ones.
Have a great day.

Stitched With Prayer said...

Oh my gosh...what an absolutely beautiful quilt. I'm a sucker for bright colors too so this one really appeals to me. Funny though, my first quilt was the amish pattern log cabin style 'Star Spin' or 'Spinning Star', it also ended up at a whopping 114" by 114" and I finished it in 2 months...just something about a first quilt I guess. Also, you are all saints for taking in the stray and then making a home for her and babies. Very cute picture, tugs at my heartstrings.

belinda said...

Well....WOW....I've never had any 'bosses' THAT great!!! Her quilt is FAB!! Tell her I'm jealous!!!

Nicole said...

That quilt is ENORMOUS!!! So pretty too. Love seeing the kitties.