Monday, May 25, 2009

Take time today.....

Time to reflect on what is important. And take time to remember those who have given us our opportunities and our freedoms. They have made the biggest sacrifice.
I love this quilt, I pieced the top while living in Vancouver BC, it was supposed to be a rail fence, but with my lack of knowledge about value at the time, it just would not work. After several hours in front of the design wall at my local quilt shop, I dumped my blocks into a bag and went home. I thought I would have better luck a second time, but after 2 hours the next weekend, I left with my bag full of blocks, just the same as how I had arrived. Then I made 13 star blocks, added them into the mix, and started sewing blocks together as they came out of the bag. Was I surprised, I loved how it turned out. Fast forward to living in the U.S. I took this quilt to the local Longarmer, I had my red/white/blue variegated thread and asked for stars all over. Once this was all finished I took it to Show and Tell and everyone loved it and told me how the 13 stars represented the first 13 colonies etc. Being Canadian, and not up on my U.S. history, I had no idea what they were talking about, yet they thought I had planned this great idea. So that quilt taught me that some times if you let things happen, instead of trying to force them, the results will amaze you!This one is from the cover of American Patchwork and Quilting, it is an Alex Anderson design. It usually lives on my kitchen table.

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