Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Fair Time Again

Since I haven't been working on any big projects this year, I decided I would still put a few entries together for the fair. They may be small in size, but they are full of work. This first one was hand pieced and hand quilted and it finished at approx 16 x 16 inches.This next one is approx 14 x 14 inches and has been all hand done. I know that people can make wonderful catherdral windows using their sewing machine, but this was my first effort at this pattern and did it by hand. I really like the scrappy look of the colors and the tea dyed muslin makes for an interesting background. I like the vintage feel of this little piece.This last picture is a quilt I made for my dad. I just got the new McCalls and a reader made this pattern up in brights and sent in her photo. I have made so many "cover" quilts, yet I never seem to get it together and send off the finished picture.So I'm showing it on my blog.
Check out your local fair this summer, you never know what you may discover!


Ondrea said...

Sharon, as a hand piecer I can truly appreciate all the work, time and energy you have put into those lovely mini quilts. They are a real treasure.

belinda said...

Wow...these are wonderful little quilts....I like all 3 designs...lots of work!!!

Congradulations on your last treatment...YEAH!!

Exuberant Color said...

I really like the top one. I am partial to pink and green quilts.

Anonymous said...

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