Sunday, August 23, 2009

NW WA Fair Photos....

..........of quilts. I didn't make it out of the Needlework barn, but my sole purpose for attending the fair was to volunteer at the barn and help with the take down of quilts. Every year the work seems to get better and better. I thought there were more "artsy" quilts entered this year and I am amazed at the variety that our area produces for this annual event. Here are a few pictures.
^Art group from Bellingham, absolutely stunning work, and very worthy of the ribbons.^

^Thread painting by Jo B. from Bellingham. WOW is all anyone could say when they admired this at the fair last night.^

^Another Jo B. entry, also with a blue ribbon. Such quality artistic work^

^Double wedding ring with appliqued borders, FANTASTIC^

^Betsy S. on left, blue winner for wholecloth catagory. Such original work, quilting is excellent. Art quilt on right by Jo B. ^
I shall post more later. Click on any pictures for close up views,
Sew a little today,I'm going to try!

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