Sunday, August 2, 2009

Really, I'm still quilting...

I'm just not blogging like I planned. But then again, I didn't plan on getting breast cancer so sometimes life just comes at you with a thud! I'm definitely on the mend, but I'm having some arm/wrist swelling which has curtailed my quilting in a huge way. But life is for the living, (or the quilting) and it's like I've lost my right arm. I've decided to do things anyways. I'll do a little hand quilting, then a bit of English Paper Piecing, or some longarm quilting and then some piecing. All in moderation, but it doesn't make for any finishes(or photos for blogging). Here is a quilt that I quilted this weekend. It's a fund raiser for a camp for terminally ill children and my friend Mona B. from Idaho sent it over for me to quilt. It's going back tomorrow for binding, labeling and showing off so it can raise money for the kids! I love it.
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I've also been moving along with my hexi's and I've posted them over at the Great Hexagon 2 site. You can click here to see lots of great things that are happening over on that blog.
My log cabins and scrappy blue pineapple blocks have been put on hold, my machine got put away. I had company coming and I had to find my kitchen table!
We are in the dog days of summer, it's lovely and warm. Some have complained of the few hot days we've had, not I. During March and April I don't think I had a day where I wasn't cold. Do I love the hot muggy nights, nope, but it always passes, we enjoy the rest of the hot days in the 80's, and people don't complain as much when we come off the heat wave.
So turn on the fan, break out the ice water w/lemon and relax, it's summertime.

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belinda said...

This is such a lovely charity quilt you have quilted...I like it way too much!!! about a good glass of wine with an ice cube in it????? Your recent 'hot' spell is usually our norm everyday for the summer..I know that most of you guys don't have A/C because you don't usually need it!!
Here's to healthy boobies!!!!!!!!!!