Monday, July 20, 2009

Churnin' out the blocks

OK, so a bit of a pun in the title when you see the pictures. A funny thing has happened this weekend. If you read my last post about doing a block swap, you will get this.
I got a call from my gal pal Paula. She was all excited, as she was working away on my swap blocks and all proud that she was getting them done. Hey, who wouldn't be, usually it's the night before the deadline and we're up at 11:30 sewing away, right? But nope, not us. When I called her back I informed her I was "churning" out the blocks for her. Funny how we both found time to work on each others project instead of our own. She got 8 blocks sewn for me and I did 8 churn dash blocks for her!

Why do we always put others ahead of ourselves? hmmmmm

This is pure bliss.
I couldn't resist posting this picture of my best dog in the world. Her nap time ALWAYS comes before others! I love my Annie girl!

Sew tell me what you are working on today!


belinda said...

What a great gals are going to have so much fun on your little trip!

Nicole said...

Love those Churn Dash blocks! And your sweet Annie too!