Saturday, July 18, 2009

My quilty gal pals and I are planning a get away in mid September to Stevenson, WA. The plan is three nights together and we've got our hotel booked, river view rooms with a balcony. I wanted to do something that would give us a tangible memory of this trip so I devised a plan. Each of us are required to make blocks for the other quilters. Each person gets to pick their own block choices, they could provide some, all, or none of the fabric and the others are making the blocks. When we leave and go home, we will all have a stack of blocks made by our friends as a memory of our weekend together. Here are my blocks for Norma T.She wanted a log cabin with dark browns for the center and one side and creams on the other side. This was easy for me, as I already had 1 1/2" strips cut for a log cabin of my own. It was easy to pick browns & creams out from the 1000 + strips I already had cut. Remember this?
I will have to wait to see what she creates with these blocks!Paula K's package arrived yesterday and I've started working on her blocks today. She made it really easy, all the pieces were cut out and sewn into sections. I'll post those later.
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