Monday, July 6, 2009

Keeping my Hands Busy

Even though I have many projects that could be getting closer to completion by using my sewing machine, I find myself doing a lot of hand work right now. I've gotten hexi crazy, partly because I get fixated on something and partly because I need to have my sample in larger pieces by September.
After laying out the stack of flowers I have got finished, I estimate that I need twice as many, which amounts to about 50 more, June showers need to become July flowers! I'm working on some brights to add into the group as I find the first batch needs livened up.
Here is a peek at the red background. The idea is that it will be a table cloth when finished.
I've also been hand quilting this sampler that I hand pieced a few years ago. I didn't have a vision for this and to be honest, I just figured out what I am doing with the quilting. So far I have ditched all the blocks, outlined the applique blocks and have started the diagonal lines. I was thinking I could follow the piecing but after taking a really good look at what lines would intersect with what blocks, I've decided it will be stitched 1 3/8 inch apart. Although this sounds like an odd number, I think I will get the desired results. Here is a peek. I really love the colors/fabrics that I worked with in this sampler.
To top off my weekend, I loaded the first quilt since my surgery May 14th. Let's see if my body has as much energy as my mind has!
I hope sew,


KrisGC said...

Beautiful quilts. I am a quilter as well, but don't get to it very often. My granddaughter has requested a horse quilt, I have all the material, but have not started it yet. Seeing your quilts makes me want to get busy!

Nicole said...

How sweet those hexagons are! I must do some hand quilting again sometime. It is so relaxing and I love how soft the finished quilts are.

Sherri said...

Love those grandmother's flower garden blocks!

belinda said...

Great quilt.....and I am soo loving your little flowers....perfect red!!