Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Friends helping Friends

As quilters we are generous people. It seems we are always doing something for someone else and lots of times we really are. I have had a rough patch in the journey of life and my quilter friends from the Bend OR/ The Dalles, OR area made a quilt for me and hand delivered it to Innovations last year. It left me speechless and I LOVE that quilt. I have used it so many nights and it has brought me a wealth of warmth and love.....

And then this happened. The Pink ribbon says it all.
This past month I received a quilt from a wonderful group of quilter friends here in the Blaine/Lynden/Bellingham WA area, (I warned you, the rough patch was looong) and here is a picture of this one. I have used this quilt many nights since I recieved it, even used it the day I went home from work and laid on my couch for the afternoon. This label was made by Jo Byma, what a dear lady. We should all be so lucky to know someone like her! I am blessed to have such great friends.Dani Fisk did the machine quilting and it is spectacular. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this, I am so grateful!
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