Thursday, January 14, 2010

Show and Tell

This is not my quilt. Being a longarm quilter, I am blessed to have many beautiful quilts pass through my hands and I deliver them back to their rightful owners. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to return the quilt. This is one of those times. I hope no one thinks I'm showing off my BOM 30's quilt. Hahaha. I still have 5 envelopes that I haven't opened yet, so that's wishful thinking. This quilt belongs to Mona B. of Idaho. Her love of applique is apparent on this top.

I don't know the story behind this top. Is is a BOM? A pattern she did on her own? ** updated at end of blog**

I do know that it is beautiful. I love the combination of piecing, applique, embroidery, even the fishing guys are embroidered and then colored in with crayons.

This quilt is in the mail, yup, I controlled myself and boxed it up and shipped it back... but not until I took a bunch of photos, asked permission to blog about it and now it will be a sweet memory in my life of longarm quilting.

Thank you M, for allowing me to help you finish this beautiful quilt. I don't know what you will do with this; keep it for your own treause? give it away to a new grandchild?

Where ever this quilt ends up, I know it will be cherished and loved.

Thank you M, for your patience and your trust! It is appreciated!
**piecers update**
This quilt was started by me. I made the row of sunbonnet girls. I have a quilt group that meets once a month. We then pass our quilt on to someone else to make a row or block and follow the directions we specify. We take someone elses and make a blcok or row for them. Each month we keep passing them around until we have made something for everyone. Mine included patterns from a 30"s repo book. Some quilters came up with their own and the embroideries. I furnished all the fabric and thread I wanted used and specified directions of what I did and didn't want. When the quilt was the size I wanted I took it back and put the rows together and did the vine/flower outside border. I have my binding ready to attach when I get it back. I had everyone sign a quilt tag I made to put on the back. So this was really a group effort.


belinda said... do you stand it Sharon!!! This quilt is just FAB for words!!! I must say I LOVE...LOVE....LOVE it....Thanks for sharing it with us!!


LOVE this! SO many lovely things and thoughts in the quilt top! Fabulous!!!

Karen said...

What a cute quilt. The Dutch windmills and the embroidered Sunbonnet Girls are a wonderful addition to the quilt.