Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When is a Quilt Done?

This is a good question and I now have the answer.  I posted  here about being finished.  If I was truly finished, how come I spent 2 1/2 hours last night working on this quilt?  It's because I didn't have a sleeve sewn on and I didn't have a label.  I will now include full photo shots as part of "finished".  I wanted to enter this quilt in a show that required the full, hanging quilt photos and it just wasn't possible for me to meet the deadline.  So much for that show!  There are others, like this one .  My quilt is in the hands of the USPS.  I know they will take care of it, so please don't email me with your postal horror stoires.  I try to keep my glass half full!
I shall keep everyone posted on the results of my quilt. It is being judged by Elizabeth Spannring. I know it is only one persons opinion, but it will give me a starting point for what I need to pay attention to and what I'm already doing that is "show" quality.
Put needle to thread today!


belinda said...

Good Luck with the judging!!!....LOL...yes, it does seem that a quilt NEVER EVER gets finished! I always get so excited when the last stitch on the binding is done....and then my shoulders slump and I think...I gotta make a label....darn!!!

Julie in the Barn said...

I saw on someone's blog that she puts her label on the backing before she quilts it. Another blogger pieces the label as an actual part of the backing. I love both these ideas & have tried both these methods. Then the label is done when the quilt gets bound. It also ensures that the label can't easily be removed for those who make show quality quilts.

Best wishes on the judging.