Thursday, January 28, 2010

No Satisfaction

I've seen the posts "Show us your Backs" or something like that and I felt left out because I had nothing to show. I just don't have left over blocks that need homes and I find it faster and easier to use wide backings for backs. Hey, that's why the manufacturers make them!
During my move and reorganizing, I came across a small bag of left over blocks from my red and white Surrounded quilt. I sold the original quilt, but made a mini from the left over blocks.
Mini Surrounded
I guess I didn't use all of them so I thought I'd make a pieced back. Making a pieced back is a lot of work and I just wasn't feeling the love for this project. I kept thinking about the wide backed fabrics I have, about how I could be using this quilting time for a top, or working on my longarm. All my stray blocks are in this back, along with red and white fabric that didn't know which team to play on. Are they red or white? Why did I buy them? You know what fabrics I'm talking about. We all have them in our stash. I just didn't feel the level of satisfaction I thought I'd get from this. Maybe once it's quilted?? I'll let everyone know then. So if piecing backs floats your boat, fabulous, it's just not my cup of tea. Do you piece your backs with leftovers? Or do you use all one fabric?
Sew many ways to do things.

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hetty said...

I do both. If I have enough for a backing I use that. But I also love 'Back Art'. I use all my left over blocks. Sometimes I take almost as long to piece the back as the front. Yours looks amazing to me. Maybe it will grow on you.