Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend update

Odds and sods of happenings over the weekend. There is only one finish to show, but I seemed to have poked a dent in several projects, as well as worked on two customer quilts. This is what I encountered when I came up stairs for lunch on Saturday. No, the leather couch and my comfort quilt is NOT the dog bed. But try telling that to this sweet face!

I got hooked on these stitch projects from Primitive Blessings and couldn't put them down until they were done. Karen from Log Cabin Quilter blogged about them and I had to check it out. I've completed the 5 angels, and I stitched them with batting as the lining. Now I have to decide what to do with them.

Here are a couple of close ups.  I used variagated DMC, 2 strands.  I've done a few other blocks prior to these, they are fast and easy.  Perfect for a beginner and the price is right, they are free on the designers website.

On Sunday I pulled out this UFO and assessed the progress. Seems like I started a One Block Wonder, but didn't buy enough fabric. I went back to the original retailer, The Cotton Shop, and couldn't find the fabric anymore. Then one day I was purusing their website and it was back online. I bought a few more yards, stacked it all nice and neat, pinned it and put it away. I cut all these diamonds....
And pieced a few blocks. I have left the stacks of diamonds on my cutting table as I have a rhythm when I sew the 1/2 hexigons together. I do them in batchs and it keeps me organized. I'll poke away at this as it's what I consider "production mode". The real fun of this quilt comes when standing in front of the design wall.
Here is my January finish. I have the binding sewn on and it's ready to gift. I have one more of these runners, which I will keep for myself.

I did a little cooking this weekend as well. A pot of chili using Pioneer Womans recipe. I left out the Masa, I couldn't justify buying a 5 lb bag to use a 1/2 cup in a chili recipe. It was still delicious!
A crock pot of soup for a few lunches this week.
And a batch of cookies for the guys in the shop at work. They keep my car running and I make them cookies!
Lots of little things happened in the sewing room, each one moving me closer to finishes!

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